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    Originally posted by scribe View Post
    jetlag + busy days + under 6 hours' sleep a night turns even light sleepers like me into logs! Or maybe my subconscious was waiting for rescue by a hunky fireman
    Big fan of Nordic dyneema (aeronaut, PCSB, PCBP, TT, LSB, SSB, SE, SCB, MCB, co-pilot, synapse 19). OK, so where am I going to put all that stuff...


      I went to McGill, where there were plenty of middle-of-the-night fire drills in subzero Montreal weather. We hated them, because the fire marshals never let anyone back in until the last person was out, and we'd be out there shivering for way too long. But the last night in the residences my freshman year, it wasn't a drill; someone had emptied an ashtray into a wastepaper basket, and moved out, unaware that there was a smoldering fire working its way through that paper toward oxygen. It flared up in the middle of the night, right under my room. There's nothing like hearing a fire alarm, groggily swinging your feet to the floor, and having the half-formed thought "HOT" percolate up to your brain to wake you up in a hurry. Everyone made it out, probably courtesy of all those fire drills.

      These days I live in Israel, and the main piece of advice I have to share from all the missile sirens is, make sure your floor is clear. If you're making a mad dash when you're half-asleep, you'll trip on anything.