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preparing for 48 hours with the MCB

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    preparing for 48 hours with the MCB

    Yesterday I made the difficult decision to exchange my Night Flight for an Aeronaut 30. Only challenge? My A30 is on backorder until late September, but I have an upcoming business trip in just two weeks. I thought about borrowing my boyfriend's new Pilot, but I knew I could do better than that

    So I just test packed my Medium Cafe Bag and found it should easily do the trick!

    In the main compartment, I put a small eBags packing cube with a skirt, two t-shirts, pajama shorts, pajama tank, and two pair of underwear. Next to it was my 3D clear organizer cube, attached with a key strap and filled with toiletries. I'll slip a small brush and my sunglasses in the empty space. My iPhone charger went inside an interior pocket, a few Lara bars in the other larger interior pocket, and pens in the pen pockets. My wallet went inside the zippered compartment along with my iPhone and earbuds. And, lastly, a notepad went in the outside slip pocket (where I'll also keep my boarding pass for easy access). I probably won't need it, but I can throw my iPad Mini in the mix if I decide I want to be a little more connected.

    I've come a LONG way from "needing" to check luggage for work trips (or any sort of trip, for that matter), as evidenced by my failed attempt to pack carry-on only for a week-long work trip in 2011. I can't wait to try out this ultralight one-bag travel!
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    kindness is contagious.

    Kudos for pulling this off! Wow I feel sluggish for toting an MCB as a work bag when you are able to pack it for a trip!


      I bought the MCB to use as a work bag for the occasions I work outside the office (maybe twice a month) as well as for toting around books and notebooks to the coffee shop on the weekends. It's great for that, too, but I certainly couldn't carry a work load PLUS clothes and toiletries. While my work sometimes requires the use of technology and other bulky supplies, for conferences I just need a way to take notes.

      The one bummer is that I won't be able to squeeze a water bottle into the bag. Not a deal breaker, though.
      kindness is contagious.


        That's amazing! How about a picture of the MCB?


          Click image for larger version

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ID:	293148Sure! I'm still new with pictures... here's hoping this works.
          kindness is contagious.


            That's amazing! Bravo! I would totally fail that challenge, as I can't go anywhere without at least one knitting project! I've managed one bag travel with my Pilot, though, for a three-day trip, but that's about as far as I think I can go. I am super impressed!


              My only real form of entertainment is my iPhone, but lately I find it's all I need. I load it up with a couple of audio books, music playlists, and kindle books - that's way more than enough to keep me occupied for a short plane ride and my down time on a two-day trip. For a longer trip, it's nice to have my iPad so I can read books and stream Netflix without straining my eyes too much. I wish I enjoyed knitting - I think that'd be a great way to pass the time during travel, and well worth the slightly larger bag to tote the project.

              I used to be so afraid of getting bored and restless on a plane that I'd overpack my personal item, too, with who-knows-what. I honestly can't remember - I just know that when I went to Germany last year, I checked a suitcase and brought both a large and small purse, both stuffed to the gills, on board with me. This was just before I discovered TB and the concept of one-bag travel.

              I think one-bag travel with any small-ish messenger bag - whether it's the MBC or the Pilot or something in between - is a pretty great concept! I really can't wait to try it out.
              kindness is contagious.


                Bermudajes, ... That is very impressive. I have always prided myself on being a compact bag packer when travelling, but I wouldn't have thought of using a MCB for a short trip, .... well done. I imagine the packing cube helps keep the clothes compact.

                When my wife and I travel for a week or so, we only take a small carry on bag (approx. 10-15ltr) and when we travelled to UK and Europe last year for 6 weeks we only had a 25ltr bag (similar to a Western Flyer size) each as carry on and that was great. We've always done this, ... never checked in bags.

                I've just invested in a Cardinal coloured Tri-Star for my next trip ..... Just waiting for it to arrive to it's new home. Plus ordered the packing cubes from TB. I think I like the idea of more organised packing these days.

                Anyway, ..... Well done kindred spirit.
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                  So impressive. Looks like there is room to lay a small water bottle across the top.


                    yeah, one bag travel is very difficult when your knitting and Hydro Flask go everywhere with you. Especially if you knit quickly and have to bring an extra project with you! My S25 does a pretty good job and I've recently done it with my A45, with a MCB in the main compartment that holds all my on plane essentials.


                      Well, I arrived in Baltimore this morning with just my MCB! I felt so light going through the airport and boarding the plane with only one small bag. My coworker, on the other hand, had a rollaboard, a small laptop bag, AND her purse. She was still making her way down the airplane aisle when I was already settled into my seat, MCB at my feet.

                      I will say that my bag was stuffed to the gills, and I found myself wishing for a moment that I had a LCB instead, but that's mostly because I didn't think we'd get to check in to our hotel right away and I wanted some space to work with (to throw in my sweater, for example, once the weather warmed up). Fortunately, we were able to score an early check in, so I unloaded my packing cube full of clothes along with a few toiletries... Now I have all the space I need!

                      What a great companion for this short trip
                      kindness is contagious.


                        You are an inspiration to us all!
                        The stockpile keeps growing...I'm in serious trouble.


                          Wow! Your ultra-light packing skills are impressive. I have a LONG way to go before reaching that level, but did manage to do an overnighter with just my S19. And the photos of your Plum MCB are gorgeous.
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