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A Weekend with the Pilot

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    A Weekend with the Pilot

    Over on Ravelry, @GoStanford asked if I could post a packing list for my planned weekend away using my Pilot, so here goes! Note that this is for a convention where I'm appearing as a panellist, so I need smart professional clothes as well as hanging-out-being-geeky clothes.

    Also I'm quite petite, so my clothes don't take up a lot of space, though the Pilot is frankly rather bulgy with all of this in it!

    Travelling in: cotton jeans, t-shirt, coat, scarf, boots


    Main compartment

    Large Pilot packing cube containing:

    * Crepe evening top
    * Cotton shirt
    * Icebreaker camisole
    * 2 t-shirts
    * Underwear
    * Lightweight cotton pyjamas
    * Cotton slippers

    plus (in pockets) a pair of Vivo Barefoot leather mary-janes, a small TB padded pouch containing jewellery, and a makeup palette

    Right pocket

    * Clear 3DOC of toiletries
    * Makeup bag
    * Travel tray

    Centre pocket

    * Compact umbrella
    * Pashmina in size 1 TSS

    Left pocket

    * iPad Mini
    * Paperback book
    * Q-Kit containing iDevice charger and cable


    * Wallet and coin purse
    * iPhone
    * Pocket pouch with earbuds
    * Reading glasses
    * Small OP with painkillers, comb, etc
    * Pocket pack of tissues
    * House key on keystrap
    * Notebook and pen
    * Small YSS with knitting project

    Photos to follow...
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    Work EDC: SE + S19
    Leisure: SCBs, FJN, Swift, lots of YSSs
    Travel: WF + Pilot or SA, with SE/SCB
    General organisation: More pouches, stuff sacks and cubes than you can shake a keystrap at!
    Favourite TB colours: aubergine, forest (sniff!), linen, wasabi, UV
    Hoping for: A new dyneema colour for YSSs; a Linen Side Effect; the return of Portable Culture!

    Officially impressed that you fit a travel tray in one pocket and iPad mini in the other plus more stuff in both pockets!

    This is very helpful as a conference travel tip.


      Wow...that's a lot of stuff. You even found space for a paperback and a knitting project!
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