Just returning from a 5-day trip to Puerto Rico for an academic conference. I have been going to this conference for 12 years and this is the first time I ever managed to travel carryon only. Here are my packing lists:


Left/bottom pocket:
CQPC with non-liquid toiletries
3-1-1 bag

Main compartment:
Large A30 packing cube:
2 dresses
1 skirt
2 tees

Small A30 packing cube:
3 short-sleeve cardigans (turned out to be one too many. I never wore the third. But I was gladI had them in the FREEZING convention center).

A45 TLSS w/ underwear, camis, socks, PJs

Size 1 TSS with Starbucks Via instant coffee, tea bags, and corkscrew (never know when you will need that :-)

MacBook Air

Water bottle

Travel yoga mat

Mini resistance bands

Size 4 TSS w/ 2 pair sandals

DLBP -- for day bag @ conference

SSB -- for shopping/toting towels to beach

LOP with papers for the conference

Plastic grocery bag w/ water shoes & flip flops

Right/top pocket:
A30 end packing cube w/ sneakers
Size 1 TSS w/ hair brush and mini lint roller
2 small bags coffee (the place I work at has its own blend, so I am bringing coffee for my friends)

Left pocket:
Books (2 guidebooks, 1 novel)
Moleskine notebook
3 small bags coffee (see above)

Main compartment:
NFTD packing cube w/ bathing suit & cover up
Size 3 TSS w/ workout outfit & socks
MOP w/ headphones,cables, etc.
SCB to use as day bag

Right pocket:
TT w/ meds, gadget stuff
Size 1 TSS w/ pens, ibuprofen
iPad mini
COW w/ travel ID
Boarding passes

The bags worked out fabulously! They were full, but I was still able to get my fleece/scarf that I wore when leaving into the NFTD as well as the couple of small things I picked up in PR in the bags for the trio back. So I cruised past all the cruise folks waiting to check in and went right to security :-)

No pics of the packed items, but here are the bags packed and ready to leave. Click image for larger version

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