My knitting friends decided that a weekend trip to the Woolmeise ( for those who don't know about her yarn) and yarn shopping/sight seeing in Munich was a must-do before the end of the year. We decided to drive and all five of us fit into a midsize Mercedes SUV, so trunk space was a premium...especially when we were factoring a bag of wool each in addition to our travel bags. I decided to take the Co Pilot and one large and one small shop bag. In the co-pilot I was able to fit:

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SE with charger/cable/plug adapter/multi plug/q-kit with back up battery and small adapters in right pocket
Small shop bag in center pocket
311 bag with toiletries, collapsible brush and makeup in left pocket, plus pen

Center compartment:
Eagle creek quarter cube with pyjamas/shirt/underware/socks/bite guard/travel tray
Vapur water bottle

Large shop bag stuffed into back pocket

Not pictured: small YSS holding knitting, iphone, earbuds, Small OP with knitting stuff, and my OW with cash/cards
I had a 16" keystrap hooked to this yss to make it easier to carry on rest stops. Also had a 500ml travel mug for tea.

Once we reached the Woolmeise, I used my Large shop bag and hooked my small YSS into it. This was fantastic for shopping there! I could even have put my travel mug in one of the side pockets of the LSB if needed.

Once we reached the hotel I used the CP as my EDC. It held the travel tea mug, the small YSS and my q-kit with the back up battery, and the small shop bag. It had plenty of room to hold a couple more yarn purchases that day too :-) It did start to get pretty heavy after a full day of walking (I think we did almost 10k? Maybe more), and I'm going to get one of those SOS mini straps for it. It was wonderful though to be able to pack so light and only come back with one more bag!

And yes, for the knitters here, the Woolmeise shop was definitely worth the trip. It was beautiful but overwhelming with so much color! The yarn knits up very nice and has a good amount of yardage for the price. I have no idea how Claudia is able to dye all that yarn. I'm currently working on a sweater out of Franz with Chickenpox (LOL).
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