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Cache Rails and UK Airport Security

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    Cache Rails and UK Airport Security

    Just wondering if anyone has had success with UK airport security allowing them to keep their laptop in a cache-with-rails system through the scanners?

    It seems that enforcement of these rules varies wildly across UK airports but I've almost always been asked to take my laptop completely out of any sleeve it was in.

    Keen to hear your experiences.


    Though I have no experience with the UK, I have experience in Canada to US and back.

    At the Canada checkpoint to go to the US, they are quick to say they are not TSA and that even if the bag is TSA compliant, you need to remove your laptop. However, I do not. I just use the Cache with rails or spread out my the Checkpoint Flyer as usual, making sure that there is an unobstructed view of my laptop/s. As long as the person viewing the laptop via the x-ray machine can see and check what they need to check, there is no problem (I have never had a problem and I use a Brain Cell which technically is not compliant with its mesh pockets in front).

    Conversely, I have had security at a US checkpoint on my return flight say that everyone needs to remove their laptop even if TSA compliant. This was for a busy flight so maybe they were just trying to make sure there was no avoidable delays.

    My thought is that, even if their directions are inconsistent, they do not necessarily stop you keeping your laptop in a case because that would mean they are inspecting your luggage before the x-ray scan. They may stop you after the scan if the x-ray of your laptop is obstructed - so if you make sure your laptop is in a case that is "transparent" to the x-ray machine, you should be ok. In the end, they all are trying to keep us safe so the least we can do is make sure they have an unobstructed view of things.

    Hope this helps
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      I travel from the UK to Germany / US every few weeks with work.

      My laptop cache is attached to either my Tri-Star or Cadet and I always have to remove my laptop from the cache outbound from the UK irrespective of airport. Coming back home ... from Germany I normally have to remove it (but not always); from the US the other way round - it (usually) stays in the cache.

      As always, it depends on who you get at the checkpoint and what sort of mood they are in ...