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Help me refine my packing list for Japan!

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    Wow, Azure & Gray! I need something in those colors. Again, Wow! elisa


      @ClaireJ, those are amazing photos. Marvelous works!

      I am tempted with Azure too but I will leave my next Cafe Bag's Purchase to a Kelly first. Other colors have to, unfortunately queue up to be purchased. Now, I can understand those Collectors like @Moriond, @adalangdon & others who I didn't manage to name.
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        An MCB is my EDC, and I like it best when it is roughly full/rectangular like the way you have practice packed. Great pictures!


          Impressive, ClaireJ! And your bags look so gorgeous together!

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            Thanks everyone! Azure is definitely growing on me, and everyone's right when they say it works really well with Grey. A friend came over tonight and saw the MCB sitting around and immediately complimented the color. She also reassured me that it'll be a nice color pop against all the black and grey I wear. I think it could also go well with dark browns (not my favorite neutral, so I don't have anything laying around to test this with).


              These are great photos, ClaireJ. And I like the pairing of Azure with Grey. Speaking of Azure: I too find it difficult to photograph, but I think you've gotten it pretty close (closer than I did under studio light!) It has a slight green cast that's difficult to pick up for whatever reason.
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                So I thought I'd pop back in and provide an update on how this packing list treated me!

                Well, first, let me say I'm so glad to have had as little as I did - actually, my goal is still to have even less for next trip, but we'll see. My boyfriend was having some foot pain after a lot of walking in his first week there, and at the last minute, I was able to squeeze a different pair of shoes for him (lightweight "barefoot" shoes, but still) into the S19 bottle pocket (wasn't quite able to zip it shut, but they were secure) and bring them along to help him out! So that was a big bonus right off the bat! We also ended up staying at five different places over the seven nights there, so there were a lot of days spent wandering around with our bags. I was really glad to have a setup where that wasn't a huge deal (as did the other three people I was with, so that was good - we were even able to squeeze all of our backpacks together into one locker (about half-size a typical locker) at one point!), although I think the S19 + Side Effect would have felt even better for that.

                I wore all of my clothes at least twice (except for some of the undies - I had two merino pairs that I washed twice each though), so that was the perfect amount, I think. I didn't need to wash anything (other than the merino undies) and probably could've even squeezed another couple days of wear out of what I had. The only clothing I didn't wear was the rain jacket because we got lucky with the weather and it was sunny the whole time!

                I also used most of the non-clothes items with a few exceptions. I didn't end up needing the travel towel, since there was always a towel provided when needed. I was also surprised to find I didn't use the Side Effect - it's my preferred bag at home for going out, but we were nearly always out for extended periods of time when I wanted to have my water bottle with me and so took the MCB. It also didn't work as well for corralling snacks as I'd hoped due to the stiff ballistic, so I think next time maybe I'd use the black parapack fabric organizer cube for that purpose since it's a bit smaller, more flexible, and can still work as a small purse similar to the SE if needed.

                On my first leg out (a couple hour flight before catching my long flight to Tokyo), before they even got to my boarding group, they announced that the overhead bins were filled and that everyone else would have to gate check their carry-on bags and would only be allowed to keep their personal items for under the seat in front of them (what a mess! I wish they were better about enforcing the limits for the earlier boarding groups since they clearly had some huge carry-ons!). The person in front of me when boarding was forced to check his very reasonably sized duffel bag - he insisted that this plus his very under-full backpack could both fit under the seat, but was not quite able to squeeze them both into the personal sizer unfortunately. I felt bad for him since his duffel by itself was within the personal item limits so he certainly couldn't have anticipated needing to check it, and I was also starting to feel quite nervous at this time because gate checking my backpack would basically have guaranteed it wouldn't make it to Tokyo due to my short connection time (50 minutes). But I didn't get a second glance with my S19 and MCB (which did both easily fit under the seat in front of me, by the way). For the longer flights, I was very glad to be able to put the S19 in the overhead and maximize leg space. I'm wondering if I could downsize this to a SCB for next time though, since the MCB was a tad big when using it as a day bag - I'd have to think about what to eliminate or how to pack a little more carefully to manage that.

                Overall, a resounding success at lightweight packing! My next big trip is to Maine in August, so I have some time to contemplate how to improve my packing for then!


                  Greetings ClaireJ,
                  I was a tour guide on the coast of Maine, before I moved to Alaska. If you'd like any suggestions, just let me know. elisa