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    The List

    Hey, all. New here as I just picked up my first (technically second but I sent one back) Tom Bihn bag.

    I'm 16 countries down and a lot to go. I've been traveling out of a 23L Eddie Bauer Trailhead pack as well as a ThinkTank Retrospective 5 for my photography gear. I've decided I want to consolidate and have a little more room so I purchased a Smart Alec. It didn't fit my needs as I thought it would but I'm glad I tried it first because I won't spend years wondering if it could have worked out and I found out I don't like the Cordura a whole lot. (I love the way it looks and hate the way Dyneema looks, but I'm a function over fashion kind of guy).

    SO, I ordered a Dyneema Synapse 25 and found my way here. I've been traveling out of country since I was 19 and don't plan on ever stopping. So, here is my packing list, give or take, as it sits now. Keep in mind I have South America and South Asia in my sights next and have only traveled to hot climates for the most part so I don't have a lot of cold weather gear.

    Synapse 25 - Dyneema

    Eddie Bauer First Ascent Guide Pants
    Eddie Bauer First Ascent Guide Shorts
    Icebreaker T-shirts
    Icebreaker L/S
    Wool and Prince Better Button Down (I love this shirt!)
    Icebreaker/SmartWool Socks
    Icebreaker/SmartWool Boxer Briefs

    Lems Primal 2 Shoes (Extremely packable, comfortable, light, etc)
    Xero Shoes Amuri Cloud Sandals (Ultralight)

    Icebreaker Sierra Plus Hooded Jacket
    Marmot Super Mica Rain Jacket (I had and loved the Essence but decided I wanted front pockets)

    MSR PackTowl Ultralite
    Crystal Stone Deoderant
    GoToob + Dr. Bronner's
    Toothbrush + Floss
    Nail Clippers + Folding Comb
    BABY WIPES (I don't know how people travel without)

    Oakley 5^2 Amber Polarized Sunglasses (Have made it through war, travel, everything)
    Water Bottle
    JetBoil Fork/Spoon
    Black Diamond Spot Headlamp
    Moleskin + Pen
    Small Beard trimmer
    550 Cord
    Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Packing Cubes

    And I can't leave home without my Hohner Special 20 Harmonica

    The only other thing I am considering is possibly picking up a small packable messenger bag for quick access items but I don't need it at all. I used to use my camera bag for quick grab things and I'm not bringing that anymore so we will see. Considering the Patagonia Travel Courier Bag. Any recommendations?

    For photography gear I carry Fuji X Cameras but for many I recommend the Sony RX100III or Panasonic LX100.

    The obvious stuff like belt, wallet, passport, money I personally feel doesn't need to be listed...

    I'm looking forward to seeing how it all fits in the S25. It fit in my much smaller pack so I should have room to spare.

    Glad to be a part of the community and looking forward to communicating with you all. I hope the list is helpful to some. It hasn't let me down!
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    I don't have any but could you use the packing cube shoulder bag? Could replace your current packing cube, and then you can travel light when needed.


      Do you travel for work?


        I used to travel for work, but in the past four or so years I travel for myself. Although I haven't gotten out of country since last Summer
        I only traveled for work from 09-11.

        I'm specifically looking for a courier style bag so I can wear both that and the backpack in cases where I need to. Two backpacks doesn't do me much good, personally.


          The packing cube shoulder bag isn't the same as the packing cube backpack.


            The List

            Did you consider the S19? IMO It seems like your list would fit in that size pack. Especially if you are going to also use a messenger type bag.
            I also suggest looking at the PCSB or a SE. Both can consolidate well into the S19/25 or can be carried as a very light separate shoulder/waist bag.
            When I country jump I use the S19 with the PCSB. I use to also have a cafe bag (non TB) but I found it a lot more liberating only having to carry one small bag.
            I got a lot of inspiration from both Allison Levine Page Not Found - FIELD TRIPS by TOM BIHNFIELD TRIPS by TOM BIHN
            and from @tynan Tynan
            DLBC, WF, S19, Pilot, DLBP, PCSB, A30, SA plus other misc goodies.
            “Not all those who wander are lost.” - Bilbo Baggins (J.R.R. Tolkien 1892-1973)


              And can get a waist strap for the SE if you want that option.


                Thanks, Mary I will look into the shoulder bag as an option. Like I said I have no need for a messenger bag AT ALL. Everything I have will fit and I'll have room to spare. I was just "considering" it as a possibility. Reason being, my trip to Jerusalem this Summer I used my camera bag a lot (I carry two bodies and a few lenses, photography is a big thing for me) and used that for extra money, passport, notebook, etc. It is not a size/space thing, but simply a quick access thing. Nice thing is I could carry a water bottle, jacket, couple lenses, etc.

                Nimikor, I did check out the 19 (and want one for shorter trips) but right now I travel with a 23L pack and everything fits pretty snug. I wouldn't have room for more than another few t-shirts or a scarf in what I have already. I figured the S25 will give me plenty of room to pack a little more relaxed and organized.

                After looking at both the SE and PCSB a little closer I think I will pass on the way they are laid out for my personal use, but thanks for the heads up!