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Travel websites for grownups

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    Travel websites for grownups

    It's been many years since I traveled to England. I'm hoping that in the next several years, I can take a two-week trip there again. The world has changed so much since 1987! (go ahead, giggle). Like, I just found out there's an airport in London.

    The last time I was there, I stayed in a guesthouse that was pretty no-frills (bathroom down the hall, lights on coin-operated meters). I'd like to stay in a B&B in London, and then possibly make some side trips to the Lake District, Cambridge, and I'm not sure where else. This is all very tentative.

    I've been Googling about determining a budget for such a trip so that I can start saving with a ballpark figure in mind. While there seem to be a ton of websites out there for student travelers/travelers on the extreme cheap, I'm having trouble finding them for grownups.

    Do you have any advice for me? Am I better off buying a guidebook by Rick Steves or someone else? I used to love the "Let's Go" books but I think they are still primarily for students.


    Just out of curiosity, what resources are you lacking in the websites that you have found? Seems like there are any number of web sites for pricing accommodation (at any price range). And for things like transportation you can look up train schedules and choose based on how much you're wiling to pay vs convenience of schedule/class of service/etc.? At any rate, I find tripadvisor quite useful.


      It seems like I keep running into stuff about hostels, for instance.

      It could be that I am overwhelmed by everything out there. There was no internet when I traveled to England (at least, not available to the general public). I will try tripadvisor. Thank you!


        Two other good sources of travel information are the Flyertalk forums and believe it or not, Reddit.


          For England, Rick Steves caters now to budget oriented adults. He goods numerous recommendations for B&B's and guesthouses. (The days of bathroom down the hall are mostly gone now. Almost everything in ensuite.) Rick Steves' website has a forum with lots of active members. You can ask questions there and will more than likely get numerous responses.

          You will run into lots of talk about hostels if you want budget accomodations but they have changed. Many now have private rooms and don't just cater to kids. All ages now take advantage of hostels.

          Tripadvisor is good.

          Day trips from London are easy. Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, York and even Paris can be done on a day trip. The Lake District, however, cannot. Not if you want to spend some time there.

          If you want to get an idea of train schedules try nationalrail.co.uk
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            I find booking.com to be a good site for finding accommodation in a specific area. Once I've narrowed my search down on there I will cross reference with Trip Advisor etc.

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