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Maine in June. Weather and quietest area next to whale watching.

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    Eucalyptus is a natural bug remedy.


      Originally posted by marytattoo View Post
      Eucalyptus is a natural bug remedy.
      With my luck, if I use eucalyptus, I'll pass by some hungry Koala holding a sign: "Will work for food."
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        And you'd be the hit of the tourists!


          Some years are worse than others for bugs. It depends on multiple factors, starting with how much snow fell during the previous winter. The freeze and thaw cycle might repeat a couple times in the spring and it has an effect. Heavy rainfall in the spring and early summer usually indicate a heavy "crop" of bugs to come. To my knowledge, no one has developed a reliable system to predict if the bugs will be light or thick in a given year.

          The coast usually has a breeze that helps eliminate the bugs. When it stops, the bugs are fast bloodsuckers. And be aware of areas that are windbreaks, like a building or wall or your car. Bugs may congregate there and attack. Spruce trees and pine trees may have more bugs around them than leafy trees like birch and maples. Stay on the path as there will be fewer bugs disturbed there. Walking through the woods and underbrush disturbs more bugs.

          If you go prepared, it's not a big deal. A bug headnet with a brimmed hat, long sleeve shirts and long pants are recommended. Bug repellant of some kind and you should be all set. Really. I'm pale skinned and the bugs go for me first, always. Alaska has over 25 species of mosquito. I was raised in Maine. I've enjoyed the outdoors in both states, hiking and camping sometimes for three weeks in the wilderness. Go prepared and you will enjoy yourself.

          No system is perfect and my first aid kit ALWAYS has clear calamine lotion or a really good anti itch cream. There are some that work on bug bites, poison ivy, poison oak and such. Bring one with you and use preventative measures and enjoy yourself.

          Maine is beautiful. The coast of Maine is awesome. All the New England states have similar bug problems. Please don't let this stop you. A tiny bit of prevention and you will have a great time. I was a tour guide every summer for over ten years. Go, it's worth it! elisa