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The new Citizen Canine in a non Canine use

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    Originally posted by Ilkyway View Post
    My guess is that it has different names but I am so astonished by now that I know none (yours makes sense!) that I will ask my naybor.

    ETA i mean more multiple than different... Just wanted to clear that up :-)
    Originally posted by brendabethman View Post
    Please report back! I would love to know.
    I think it is a "Nahttrenner" which is pretty close to seam ripper.
    See here for example.

    (Not that I knew just by looking at it! I'm better at naming knitting tools I guess.)


      Originally posted by Squirrel View Post
      I think it is a "Nahttrenner" which is pretty close to seam ripper.
      See here for example.

      (Not that I knew just by looking at it! I'm better at naming knitting tools I guess.)
      That makes sense! I didn't even think about looking at product websites.

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        I got my CC and summer dyneema releases today. Firstly, I just want to say that the CC is one hell of a bag, and I can't imagine the kind of skill needed to sew this thing. This is really the kind of bag that I am happy to admire-- the neat design, skill involved in its making, and of course the materials. Thank you so much, production team. You guys are great.

        Anyway, I'll be using this bag as a PLO for the next week or two and report on the results afterwards. It's a SE substitute to me. But here are some brief first thoughts.

        @Pokilani was correct that the SE holds sunglasses (sorry, my bad). However, it bulges in the ballistic version and stretches the bag in a way that makes me uncomfortable not for the bag, but my sunglasses. The benefit of the CC is that its added depth allows to eat up items like sunnies with relative ease, without making me worry that they're being crushed by the rigid ballistic nylon.

        Contents of my bare-bones EDC: (Apologies for the messy table; I have been using it for many different things today)
        Click image for larger version

Name:	FullSizeRender_1.jpg
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        When crammed into the SE:
        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_9374.JPG
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        Inside the CC: (iphone goes into the zip pouch)
        Click image for larger version

Name:	FullSizeRender_2.jpg
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        CC modification: (This was done with a chenille needle, matching polyester thread and an iron-on patch. If you'd like to do this, I recommend the chenille needle as it's sharp and thick. Where the patch overlapped the ballistic nylon and webbing, I sewed through all 3 layers with a neatly executed running stitch. Ends were finished with clear nail varnish.)
        Click image for larger version

Name:	FullSizeRender.jpg
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        Some brief initial thoughts:
        - You will probably do a lot of digging around in this bag. For that reason, I think people with large hands may not want to use this as a purse because reaching inside the CC to fish out something small can be tricky at times, and this may be even harder if your hands are big. If you're using it as a dog bag and carrying the tennis ball etc., it'll probably be easier because the items are larger. FYI my hands are nearly child-sized with relatively chubby digits.
        - The parapack lining is a godsend for removing detritus!
        - You may like this as a purse if you have persistent tipping-over problems with the SE (in which a heavily-loaded SE flips over and empties out your stuff onto the ground). You can definitely leave the top open and not worry about things falling out. Huge plus in my book.
        - There is quite a lot of leftover space in my CC-- the main compartment could definitely take 2 health bars on top of what's already there.
        - This is a cutesy, sporty-looking bag that doesn't have the versatility of the SE in the looks department. My future workplace will tolerate even a cafe bag, but this would be pushing it. Not a work-friendly PLO unless you're in a super casual office.

        Hope this helps someone.
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          So this bag has gone *everywhere* with me since I received it, and I really love it! But IMO the short answer to "should I use this as an alternative to the SE" is "most likely not".

          - Weight. Even with the metal poo bag fixture removed, the CC is significantly heavier than the ballistic SE. The way I see it, the SE is designed to be a minimalist human bag, but the CC isn't. It's a full-featured dog-walking bag and that shows in the construction of the bag and hence, the weight. Also, all the 'leftover' features from the poo bag dispenser function remain after you remove the metal thingy-- the button snaps, the plastic tape/tube thingy inside the back pocket-- and they definitely add up.
          - Digging (as mentioned above). You can find your stuff in a bag this small for sure, but if you've left a receipt or something small in the main compartment, you'll have to stick your hand in to dig around that small space. It's probably my biggest gripe with the CC as a PLO. Sadly, this is the flip-side of not having to worry about the bag overturning and stuff falling out (duh!).
          - Price. It's $90. I think it's justified given the skill needed to make something like this, but if I wasn't a bag nut eager to try new offerings and was just looking for a sensible minimalist carry option, I'd just go for the SE ($50).
          - Colour scheme (as mentioned above). Seems like many folks here feel that Coyote doesn't match their skin/hair. For me, it looks too casual for the office. That aside, Aubergine/Coyote is gorgeous!
          - Limited carrying options. The SE's horizontal orientation and O-rings lets you use it as a clutch, and it can be turned into a waist pouch too. The CC is only either cross-body or a waist pouch.
          - Not a 'stealthy' design. I had thought the security of the vertical drawstring bag design would make the CC a great waist pouch for travel, but its boxy shape is less discreet than the SE's slim landscape design.

          - No more overturning! This is the biggest plus in my book. I've had countless bag-flipping issues with the SE, especially the dyneema ones, and I die a little every time my phone falls to the floor. Not so with the CC, since my phone goes into the zip pocket. It doesn't fall out even when I'm bending over and lifting stuff and the pocket is unzipped. This is really nice for me because I use my phone often for messaging and love leaving the phone compartment open for ease of access. The main compartment also holds things very securely since it's deep.
          - Holds bulky items better than the ballistic SE. But if you're going for a dyneema SE, you'll have the same advantage.
          - The poo-bag compartment is a super-secure place to hold important stuff. I had to carry my passport with me the other day and stashed it there, since it's pretty safe in Singapore and I generally don't have to worry about RFID issues.
          - Cute and distinctive design. I kind of wish TB would make bags for humans that look as quirky as this one.

          Suggestions for improvement:
          - So far I can just think of one. This bag has 3 O-rings, 2 in the flap compartment and 1 in the zip compartment. I don't know if it would be better if the 2 O-rings were positioned inside the zip compartment because it has more space to accommodate a pouch or two and/or a longer keystrap. Right now I've got my organiser wallet for holding name cards and 8" strap in the front compartment, and they are a bit squished in there. I think this is also relevant if you're using the CC for dogs-- if the front is meant to hold bulky items like toys or tennis balls (as the website suggests), you probably won't have much space to use the O-rings, so they would be 'wasted' in such a scenario. Plus, to me anyway, it makes more sense to be able to stash your keys and pouches with your phone.
          - The CC can get quite heavy when loaded and the 1" strap doesn't feel adequate in such a situation. But I can't imagine a better alternative strap, as I don't know what else is available out there.

          Would love to hear from others using the CC as a purse for 2 legs or 4 legs. (On a random note, the regular-sized Hobonichi Techo fits into both the SE and CC!)
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            Great summary, @adalangdon I decided that, for me, the disadvantages outweighed the advantages and I am sending mine back. If I had a dog to walk, I would keep it, but it's just too small for a hiking bag (those pesky water bottles!). Back to the SE and water bottle sling or DLBP for me.

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              YMMV but I do carry the CC with my SE piggybacked to it for more "people" stuff so you can have a CC/SE one bag combo that you can separate easily:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	CC_SE-Side.jpg
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              I also tried a GPLP (my Black / Coyote version is a perfect match to my CC) but it is a bit wide.

              I also found a 3DFOC very good attached to the back of the CC if that is more your style or if you want a pouch to be flush with the width of the CC or, dare I say ... add a splash of Dyneema:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	CC_3DFOC_Back.jpg
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