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How do you improve on the S19? Get a new beavertail shove it pocket! TB packs rejoice

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    How do you improve on the S19? Get a new beavertail shove it pocket! TB packs rejoice

    Hi there,

    I want to share a great enhancement to the otherwise near perfect S19 and I think will work with other TB bags as well.

    It's called the Tribe One Mininet

    I bought this to expand storage for bulky or oversize loads that didn't fit in my S19. It is basically a beavertail,shove-it pocket but made of shockcord and attached in a non-damaging way to the pack cloth of any TB bag.

    Click image for larger version

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    Four anchor points with their innovative pack tach fastener system allows the net to be attached to any flexible thin pack cloth area. Shown in a LSB shoved in the mininet which is fastened to the cordura.

    I was leery about poking my precious S19 with a carabiner but as this video shows, the cloth is not damaged but instead pushed through the receiving attachment point and clamped with the carabiner in place.

    The square mininet seems like perfect fit where is doesn't get in the way of zipper access. If so, you can reattach or unclip from the biners to open the net.

    There are 2 loops of attachment on each end of the net for a total of 8 attachments. I like using the outer loops as attached then for insurance clip a biner to the inner loop and the shoved gear in case the gear slips down from the net, it is always attached.

    You can buy this on Amazon or directly from the company like I did.

    Wee! A solution for dirty shoes, wet clothes on the outside, take-along beer growlers, oh my


    ps I'm not affiliated with the company just a happy customer; just like a TBer

    Must have precious potables. In this case, 32 oz Kleen Kanteen Growler full of hot water for tea,mate
    btw the growler is a perfect fit in the S19 bottle center pocket but where will my tea thermos go?

    Click image for larger version

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      mininet attached to bottom of S19 but you can attach pretty much any where on the thin cordura/dyneema. I would say still go slow and be very careful at your own risk lest you void TB warranty. Once the biner clips, it feels like magic because it looks as if the biner might puncture the cloth but instead it pushes the cloth through the attachment holes and locks into place. Taking it off shows no wear.

      Click image for larger version

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        Here's a detail shot of a s-biner clipped as insurance to the inner loop of the mininet, the outer loop is attached to the anchor point.

        This gives rise to "what ifs...?" What if you clip a keystrap with a TB pouch or Side effect across 2 inner loops? Hmm... something to test when i get a SE.

        Ideally to follow TB design, heavy items should go close to the body for better leverage. So I should put the heavy growler in the S19 center pocket and the lighter thermos outside on the net. I tried rigging a light Eagle Creek spectra packing cube but I don't see any reason not to use a TB one, especially when some are o-ring ready. Having containment with pack cloth circumvents stuff falling through the net.

        Options, options to play.

        Suggestion: TB crew talks to Tribe One and develops a joint venture of TB Carry Net with Tribe One Pack tachs. Basically a net of TB pack liner: Dyneema or 200D nylon with a shock cord net.

        If only... :-)
        Click image for larger version

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          Ok, sorry for mulitple postings but brainstorm hit for new accessory: TB carry net

          I just looked at my LSB and the inner pocket is just about the distance of the inner loops of the Tribe One mini-net

          This LSB has piping around it to attach to the main bag.

          Instead of piping, why not pipe on shockcord around this small inner pouch then add 4 loops of shock cord to the inner bag corners.

          Make in all liners: pack cloth, dyneema, nylon

          can even use scraps like Q-kit

          Sew a TB Portable Culture logo patch on it and call it a day.

          Fashion wise, TBers can go dual color mode mixing and matching different color TB CarryNets to main body colors.

          I'll be your first customer!

          Pie in the sky:
          Tribe One contact info: https://squareup.com/market/tribe-one-llc


            Cool hack!


              This is an interesting product. Would be curious what @Darcy or other TB gurus would say about its use.


                I went on a 3 week Ireland trip with a Synapse 19 and a NFTD. The only thing that wasn't 100% was figuring out how to carry my coat. I ended up rolling it and using the NFTD handle to hold it (tight!)... carrying bag with shoulder strap.

                Looking at this mininet thing, it might have worked attached to the top of the NFTD. Hmmmm.


                  I found that the pack tachs are the innovation as anything can be then attached to those anchors. For now I rigged some shock cord on the mininet creating a nest/basket of bungee that a folded LSB fits in and can serve as a pocket for a bottle. What would be neat to see in the fantasy joint venture is SE like pouches, opened or closed that have shock cord at the corners terminating with key strap clasps. These clasps snap to the carabiner on the pack tach and float extra gear off the main compartments. One hassle I found with the mininet is that it is almost too strong and for ease, should be freed from the pack tachs to load the main compartment else the user fights against the bungee.


                    This looks great! I was looking for a way to carry some tent poles that were too long for my S25 and this may do it. Thank you.


                      This is really great, thanks for sharing! I like the idea to be able to attach my jacket on the exterior of my S25 if I use it for hiking.

                      But the company does not deliver outside the US though :(


                        Thank you ThreeLeaves for posting this thread and making me aware of this product. I just received it today and it works great!


                          Sorry to crash the party and be a pain, but can anyone post a video of how this works on a Synapse so I can understand it? (Not just in use but how it is installed.) Thanks!
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                            This is how I have my Synapse 19 set up with it. Still haven't gotten a chance to play with it enough to find the optimum placement for the carabiners, but I think the current placement is good. The layout of the net actually match the Synapse 19 very well.


                              Reviving a 2015 post to see if any of you had thoughts about the Tribe One Mininet and a Daylight Backpack? I assume it would fit about the same as an S19.

                              Also -- any thoughts on how heavy or large an item might be? Twice I've had to carry a balance bike in one hand and a three-year-old in the other. That happens when a three-year-old refuses to keep walking on the far side of a lake. It made me think about bungee cords to hold the bike against my backpack.
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