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Passing along a review of the Brain Bag from my dad

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    Passing along a review of the Brain Bag from my dad

    My dad called me last night as he was boarding a flight to Amsterdam -- where he'll connect to Dubai and then to Kuwait, where he'll stay for six months with the Navy. Just a few hours before he was leaving for pre-deployment in Gulfport, MS, he asked me to order him a backpack with "lots of pockets" to take along. Before he even finished his sentence, I was here ordering him a Brain Bag. He called just to tell me how much he likes it. He's impressed with the zippers most of all -- which he's confident will keep the pervasive sand out of his laptop, iPod, and camera.

    The only bummer was that I forgot to get him a Brain Cell to go inside, so look forward to shipping to an APO in the very near future!

    Thanks again for making such great products. I've made converts of the whole family!

    Glad the bag worked so well for him!!