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    I think this is a great idea. “What accessories could I use / should I get?” is very a common question, probably because there are so many accessories to choose from. And I know I get a lot of inspiration from these Forums on how to best utilize accessories inside the bags I use.

    Here’s what we’ll do:
    Next week, I'll create a new main Forum or sub-Forum of General Bag Discussion (haven't decided yet which) that’s called “Accessories + Organization Strategies," (or something like that!) that will focus on which accessories we use, in which bags we use them, and why.

    I’ll create threads within Organization Strategies for the Synapse 25, Synapse 19, Smart Alec, Aeronaut 45, Brain Bag, Tri-Star, Western Flyer, Swift, and Maker’s Bag to get us off to a good and diverse start. Everyone here on the Forums will be invited to post responses to the threads with their organizational strategies for those bags. If this new Forum proves popular, we will create threads for other bags.

    Important! Discussion about organization, accessories, packing lists, and all of those fun things is not limited to these new threads. We’ll continue to discuss those topics everywhere and anywhere on the Forums. These new threads will simply exist as an easily linkable and findable collection of our collective organizational know-how; it's an additional place to share detailed information on which accessories you use and why.

    Discussion will be permitted within the new threads because asking questions, soliciting feedback, or posting follow-ups will make the threads even richer resources of information, but we’ll ask folks to keep generally on topic within these threads so they can be focused resources for those looking to optimize the organization of their bags. We will also provide a list of recommended tags to make searching* easier.

    As moriond noted, I created threads with a similar idea in mind a few years ago, but they never really took off. If the Organization Strategies sub-Forum ends up being unpopular, it's likely we'll eventually retire it and move the existing threads to a different Forum. We prefer real life ghost towns to Forum ghost towns.

    Also worth noting: I read this thread the day after it was created and have followed it since, but haven’t responded until now because 1) We are working on the super cool “Coming Soon” page for our next design; 2) We are going on lots of trips to test the new design; 3) I like to take time to think on these kinds of ideas before I respond, and especially before we act. Trust that even if we don’t respond right away (or, um, for weeks or months), we read and pay attention to everything on the Forums. :)

    *We’re also brainstorming ways we could improve the search experience here on the Forums, but the possibilities may be limited by the Forum software that we use. We'll see!
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      Originally posted by haraya View Post
      Before the redesign of the TB website I used to be able to go in and assign my own tags, but when I tried recently, there seemed to be a bunch of automated tags for each posts, and no way to clear out those old tags in order to create some of my own.
      I tried to recreate this bug but couldn't... are you still unable to clear the automated tags, haraya? If so, which browser are you using? We want there to be automated tags (most people forget to add their own tags) but you should definitely be able to remove some/add your own.
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        The new Forum -- Accessories + Organization Strategies -- is live!

        Check out the individual threads; you'll see that we collected links to existing Forum threads with lots of great organizational advice just to get the new threads off to a good start.

        Can't wait to see what everyone posts :D I'm currently working on a packing strategy post for the ___ ____’_ _______.
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        Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


          Awesome! Thank you, Darcy!

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