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Off on a summer adventure

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    In Luzern.
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      Vegetarian lunch at Tidbits in Luzern.
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        At Gletschergarten Luzern.
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          Vegetarian dinner at b.good in Zürich.
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            One last picture of the Nordic Side Effect with the Nordic MINI before departing from Zürich. :)
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              I wanted to share that we were running very late for our return to London Heathrow yesterday afternoon. Our coach delivered us, along with our bags, to Terminal 3 at 3:30 p.m. Our flight was out of Terminal 2, with a scheduled departure of 4:20 p.m.

              Mona put the Aeronaut 30 on her back, and had her purse in her hand. Jaiden put the Western Flyer on his back, and had the Nordic/Solar Side Effect around his waist. I put the Tri-Star on my back, the Daylight backpack on one shoulder, and had the Black/Wasabi Side Effect on my waist.

              We ran into Terminal 3, asked how we can get to Terminal 2, and ran back outside to find a shuttle bus that would take us to Terminal 2. When I say ran, it was more a jog / fast walk -- I have a nasty tear in the medial meniscus of my right knee :).

              When the shuttle bus brought us to Terminal 2, we ran to the elevator and took it up to the departures level. We had no bags to check, so we were able to head straight to the security check. Having our liquids separated and easily accessible (in the front, divided compartment of the Tri-Star) helped us proceed quickly through Security. This was the ziplock bag we had to use going through security at Heathrow when we were connecting to Zürich -- they wouldn't let us leave the liquids in the Clear Quarter Packing Cube. On the connection to Zürich, they wanted my MacBook Pro and iPad out of their Caches, but they were fine with them being left in their Caches at this security check -- I think it just depends on who you get.

              So the flight was boarding as we approached Security...

              We then continued our journey through the terminal, down escalators, up escalators, along people movers, until we finally arrived at the gate.

              Along the way, Mona noticed that the flight status had changed from "boarding" to "closing." My pace had shifted to a fast walk long before that, but Jaiden ran on and arrived at the gate first, followed by Mona, and then me (who had all of the passports in my Side Effect, along with my iPhone which had the boarding passes :o ).

              We were thankful to have made the flight! And, finding space for our bags in the overhead bins was not a problem. We put the Tri-Star and Aeronaut 30 in one bin, the Western Flyer in another, and the Daylight Backpack in the one right above us.

              Making that flight would not have been possible if we had to check bags.

              It would not have been possible if we had to manage wheeled roll aboard's.

              It is in times like these that we feel even more gratitude to be able to travel with TOM BIHN travel bags! Thank you Tom, Darcy, and the whole TOM BIHN Crew for making such amazing bags! Thank you so much! :)

              P.S. I should add that the very charming flat (our first Airbnb experience, we loved it!) we stayed in in Zürich was on the third floor. I don't know when it was built, but it was described as a pre-war building. The walls are made of stone or concrete, and the electrical has been run on the surface of the walls. There is no elevator, but given the fact that we travel with the Tri-Star, Aeronaut 30 and Western Flyer, this was not at all a concern.


                I wanted to share my packing list...

                In the Tri-Star --

                Rear Main Compartment:
                * Packing Cube Shoulder Bag with 5 t-shirts -- 2 thinner, smartwool, 3 thicker cotton.
                * Packing Cube Shoulder Bag with 1 pair of pants, 1 pair of yoga pants, one pair of jean shorts.

                Middle Main Compartment:
                * Sweater and Rain Jacket for part of the trip, and for another part of the trip: a 13" Macbook Pro and iPad Air each in a Cache, and two iPad mini's in their cases. The iPad Air was also in a case inside the Cache.
                * Packing Cube with 5 pairs of underwear (smartwool/icebreakers) and 3 pairs of socks (smartwool).

                Front Main Compartment, divided:
                * On one side, toiletries in the Clear Quarter Packing Cube, electric toothbrush in a big case, flushable wipes, and a washlet.
                * On the other side, various chargers, power adapters and cables in the First Aid Kit. I had something else in there on the flight out, but I can't seem to recall what it was.

                In the Water Bottle pocket:
                * A water bottle for parts of the trip.

                In the front pockets:
                * Maps and travel guides for part of the trip.
                * The guide to the travel friendly pocket multi-tool I had just picked up.
                * An extra Field Notes notebook.

                In the Daylight Backpack for parts of the trip --
                * The 13" Macbook Pro in a Cache.
                * The iPad Air in a Cache.
                * The Synapse 19 Freudian Slip which housed a pen, gum, earphones, earphone adapters in a mini Padded Organizer Pouch, ibuprofen, tums, a lighter, eye glass cleaning cloth in a mini Clear Organizer Pouch.
                * A folder with a thick stack of papers.
                * A letter sized notebook.

                In the Daylight Backpack for other parts of the trip --
                * The Freudian Slip with its contents.
                * A sweater and rain jacket.
                * A travel guide/map.

                In my Side Effect --
                * Passports.
                * Wallet.
                * Earphones (just during the flight).
                * Earplugs.
                * A lighter at times.
                * iPhone 6.
                * lip balm.
                * Field Notes Notebook.
                * Fisher Space Pen.
                * Travel friendly Multi-tool.
                * At times a Kind Bar and Protein Bar.
                * I don't know what else, but it was often packed. Still, everything inside was easily accessible! :)


                  By the way, a little history with regard to this Crimson/Steel Western Flyer -- we carried it on our trip to Disney World in 2009.

                  At some point, and I don't recall exactly when, my cousin Rick borrowed it and started using it as his daily commuter.

                  Recently, he stopped carrying his laptop to work and I got the Western Flyer back.

                  Jaiden carried the Nordic/Steel Western Flyer for our trip last summer, and I thought it would be fun to use the Crimson on this trip!

                  The bag still looks amazing, and I have to say that my cousin is a lot tougher on gear than I am!


                    We took the number 10 Tram to the airport, which stops down the street from the flat where we stayed.
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                      At the Embankment in Bedford.
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                        As a fan of yours Maverick and of Tom Bihn the moral of this story is not just the Tom Bihn bags its being late for your flight......lol


                          Awesome adventure! Please thank your family for joining in the photos and sharing this story with us. I enjoyed your travel tips and seeing how practical your packing was.


                            Haha your son is going to grow up always surrounded by TB bags in pics of himself! I imagine him trying to explain that one to his kids..."well, uhm, see, your grandpa...."


                              Originally posted by Bijouxandbeads View Post
                              Haha your son is going to grow up always surrounded by TB bags in pics of himself! I imagine him trying to explain that one to his kids..."well, uhm, see, your grandpa...."
                              Heh, well, we've gone from an excitement stage, to a willingness to put up with it stage, to "Dado? Really?" accompanied by the rolling of eyes.