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Night Flight Travel Duffel - packed for 6 days/5 nights

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    Night Flight Travel Duffel - packed for 6 days/5 nights

    Although I ultimately did not use this set up, I wanted to show packing pictures and say the NFTD and LCB combo is a very viable option for up to a week.

    I recently purchased a steel/navy Large Café Bag to use as my pared-down work everyday carry. I debated for a long time between it and the Daylight Briefcase. My goal was to have a smaller EDC that would fit inside both the A45 and A30, so I could one-bag it when traveling for work. In the end, I chose the LCB because my computer is at the maximum for both bags and I knew the computer would fit better vertically than horizontally.

    On my last work trip (6 days/5 nights), I decided to try using the LCB and the Night Flight Travel Duffel combo. My thought was that when I boarded last, in the middle seat (as has become the norm) both would (should?) fit under the seat in front of me.

    Right before I left for the airport, I decided to instead move everything into the A45, which was very under packed, but easier to manage. I was feeling very tired and out of sorts at the time and didn’t want to deal with carrying two bags. Below is how I packed the NFTD for that trip, so now know it will totally work for me in the future.

    Contents included (front to back; left and right):
    -- Dry toiletries
    -- rain jacket in Eagle Creek quarter packing cube
    -- NFTD packing cube containing 3 short-sleeve tops
    -- packable tote, brush, Luna sandals (size 7.5)
    -- NFTD packing cube containing: 1 wool t-shirt, 3 undies, 1 bra, 1 swimsuit, 2 pairs socks
    -- 2 pair black pants
    -- 1 white cardigan
    -- 1 black capris
    -- Coyote/steel NFTD
    Click image for larger version

Name:	NFTD_contents.jpg
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    Main compartment:
    2 black pants, capris, cardigan folded at bottom
    Packing cube of tops on top
    Tote and brush in space in front of packing cube
    Music CD in lid zippered pocket (for listening in rental car)

    Left end pocket:
    Luna sandals
    Rain jacket

    Right end pocket:
    Packing cube of undies and such
    Click image for larger version

Name:	NFTD_contents packed.jpg
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    All closed up
    Click image for larger version

Name:	NFTD_ready to go.jpg
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    NFTD and LCB
    Click image for larger version

Name:	NFTD_with LCB..jpg
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ID:	312525

    As I said, I opted for the A45 right before leaving and was able to quickly move all the contents. The LCB fit easily on top in the main compartment. It was a good choice for this trip.

    As mentioned in the United thread, my flight out of Chicago (heading to my destination) was canceled. The line at the United booth was down the hallway. Instead of waiting in line, I called the company travel agency. United had already re-booked my flight, but the travel agent re-booked my reservations for car and hotel at my destination without penalty and got me a room for the night at the Airport Hilton. Because I had all my luggage with me, I just walked out the airport, across the street, and into a very comfortable room, long before most of the folks in line got to talk to a United agent. That was a bright spot.

    Great job! My longest for now was 5 days four nights. This inspires me to reach higher. Love this little wonder of space!

    Thanks for sharing,
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      Wow! My dyneema NFTD is cheering for your awesome packing skills. Now I need to go test pack and see if I can do this. Great job! elisa


        It amazes me how much the end pockets hold. They're very roomy. On the left side, I had the sandals stacked bottom down with the rain jacket in cube flat and toiletries on top. I had room for some more, too. The one packing cube on right filled the space nearly completely but I could have fit something flat in the pocket sleeve, like a book or iPad mini. I didn't have anything in the end zippered pockets.

        To pack the pants, I laid them on top of each other waist bands on opposite ends, then folded four times (?) into a small enough bundle to fit in the bottom. I also folded the cardigan and the capris in threes but individually. Those items took up more than half the depth of the compartment. And the packing cube left enough space in front that an under-stuffed No. 2 Travel Stuff Sack could fit.

        Next week-long trip I take, I'm using this combo.


          Night Flight Travel Duffel - packed for 6 days/5 nights

          I'm going to try taking just my NFTD for our thanksgiving family trip :) about 4 days long with a fold up purse for wallet and keys running around town while we're there.

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            Wow, this is inspiring me to try the NFTD again. I got one a while back but returned it because I just couldn't see it working for me. I'm not tiny, which was part of the issue, but I think I could really make it work for weekends or when I decide to check my roller bag on work trips. Now, which color, hmm.
            Eat well, travel often.


              Originally posted by nukediver View Post
              I'm not tiny, which was part of the issue, but I think I could really make it work for weekends or when I decide to check my roller bag on work trips.
              I love mine! It holds a ton and if I wanted to go for longer, pairing it with my Daylight backpack could easily see me through a week or more trip!

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