Earlier this year (in May), I bought my very first Tom Bihn bag because my 20 year old EDC bag (an older Eagle Creek vertical messenger) was slowly dying by inches and I needed it replaced. I might also have a slight bag fetish. Since then, I've also picked up a variety of accessories, the Maker's Bag, the Field Journal Notebook, and recently just got the Synapse 25 (after getting & returning the Synapse 19).

I picked up the Swift, because I'm a knitter and it's gotten some amazing reviews on a few places like Ravelry and Knitty.com. Needless to say, I'm pretty much a Tom Bihn convert.

After a few months of using the Swift nearly every single day, I felt it was worthwhile to finally write up a review of my Tom Bihn Swift on my blog. After all, IMO, you have to really test something out before being able to give a good review.

But long story short....It's as close to the idea of "one, true bag" as I'll get (next to the Maker's Bag)....

Here's my EDC for work (before accessorizing with Tom Bihn): Big (sweater or shawl) and small knitting project (socks), a shawl (because my office gets cold), work laptop, tea mug, sunglasses, wallet, keys, notebook, pen, and assorted knitting notions in the blue case. (Cat not included)

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And how it fits:
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My weekend EDC with a variety of Tom Bihn accessories, including the small FS, knitting sacks, and organizer pouches. I've managed to stuff more things into my Swift
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And yet, it takes up less room, even with an FJN thrown into the bag!
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The rest of my review is on my blog. Hopefully, I'll have time to also tackle the Maker's Bag and eventually the Synpase 25. :-)