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Cool use of my Cork Organizer Pouch

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    Cool use of my Cork Organizer Pouch

    Remember last year when the cork organizer pouches came out? I had to have some even though I had no clue what in the world I might use them for...well, I found a perfect use for one of them.

    I recently got a Sony Clie nx73v handheld device. They are no longer made by Sony, but still I use mine to read ebooks as i have a hard time holding regular books in my hands. Plus I can use it to watch movies when I am too lazy to read while having coffee. It's pretty rugged device but well, it can be a burden to carry in my pocket yet I am reluctant to just toss it in the a compartment in bag.

    A few weeks ago it was laying beside one of the organizer pouches...guess what? It's a PERFECT FIT. So now I can keep my Clie protected from the elements and get to use my cork pouch all the time. I even clip it to the outside of my Brain Cell when I am just using that as my carry bag for my laptop.

    I can ever fit a few other do-dads and what-nots in there too...I dunno why but it is fun to find a use for the pouch beyond a few pens & pencils (yaaaawn...)

    I use the another one for paper receipts when traveling...kinda dull and uninspired but it a use... :confused:

    But now I can show off the cool cork fabric all the time... :D

    I have many Pouches and multiple Kits.

    Yet I will certainly order more and I am waiting for the letter and legal size redesigned pouches.

    Tom Bihn accessories are the most stylish solutions to carry a slew of stuff.

    From electronic accessories in their paded pouches to transit cards or id's in clear pouches to those everpresent clubs cards or credit cards or a mini first aid or sewing kit in the cordura or dynema mini or small pouches.

    The medium pouch is great for small projects organizing for a trip to the bank, post office, library etc...

    While traveling the medium pouch is great to keep coordinating accessories and/or makeup together, using pouch color I can even coordinate by outfit or per person. A lifesaver when one has to get all dressed up after a looong flight or ride.

    The absolute best point about the pouches besides the colors and configurations choices is their lightness.

    From 2000 to the time I received my passport pouch, I was wearing a "security holder" in nylon and polyester.
    The cords were so "sturdy" that the first one I bought wore out by 04, the second pouch was made in China and it showed! Everything was and looked and felt cheap and the cord wore out even faster.

    Since I wasn't smart enough to buy a Passport Pouch, the second it came out, the cheap holder started messing up my neck and usually ended up on the back pocket of my lovely Large Cafe Bag.

    This holiday season I got the Passport Pouch and more pouches in more colors and configurations.

    I am happy to report that my neck and shoulders are doing fine even when carrying a Large Cafe Bag and a Swift while walking, shopping and hopping on buses and trains.
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      I've carried my iPhone in my little cork pouch from day one. I think it's the small size. The back of the cork is perfect for the screen and the size also holds the headset with no problems. There is a rubber case on the back of my iPhone, so no scratches. It travels in my purse every day and still looks pristine.


        I have a large pouch from the customer appreciation this year and I'm a bit stumped as to what to do with it. I use the large clear pouches for toiletries in my gym bag - one holds shower stuff and the other everything else like deodorant. The shower stuff bag then goes with me on trips for my liquids. I then have another clear organizer for all my Sharpie pens. Right now I'm storing my battery charger and spare batteries in the gift one but I'm trying to think of a better use.
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