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A video of the TOM BIHN Stowaway

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    A question about the Stowaway capacity...
    (and apologies if I missed somebody else asking this already on the forum)

    The Volume is given as 12 litres. Is that measured in backpack mode or briefcase mode?

    I would image it's backpack mode in which case the Stowaway can possibly carry another 4 litres if you don't use backpack mode. I calculate that from the size/volume given of two packing cubes that are said to fit in the straps area.

    Do I have that correct?
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      Love your videos! If there was a even a chance of my 15"MBPro fitting, this would have put me over the edge...

      Alas, my wallet is safe for now!
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        Originally posted by maverick View Post
        I just had this exchange with the Canucks...
        "But did you get a picture?"


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          As The Stowaway has returned in stock (not pre-order anymore), for those who had ordered - please post photos and photos and photos. Thanks!
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