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    Originally posted by weirdguy View Post
    @tpnl, between Parapack and the 525 Ballistic - how sheen between the two? I got a feeling that 525 Ballistic will be more sheen. How about comparing Black Parapack vs Black 525 Ballistic? I'm not sure whether you have a Black Parapack. If not, perhaps others input or view on this? Can I also say that both fabric share similar smooth texture?

    I am usually a matte-prefer person from Tech-ware to Bags. Grey 1000d is a really matte-neutral look, though there is a very-slight and comfortable sheen to it at different viewing angle. Do you guys and @tpnl feel alright to bring a near-Satin backpack to office? I couldn't help but imagine how a near-Satin 525 Ballistic Black could over-shine the user when backpacking it.
    Hey @weirdguy - I tried to take some pictures to show some of the differences but I cannot seem to get it show what it is really like in person. So, with words, this is what I would say the difference is (this applies to the respective black colors I am comparing):

    1050d Ballistic - has a low sheen making the bag look more matte with a bluish tinge (cooler). Because the weave is not as tight, it perhaps has less chance to reflect light (that would make it look more "shiny")

    525 Ballistic - it has a higher "shiny" factor but not by much and I think this is due to the tighter wear giving more surface area to reflect light at any given angle. The color is a more deeper black with no bluish tinge. I called this look a satin look and is really good for conservative office environments - where, IMHO, subtle "bling" is the name of the game (slightly iridescent suit, gold watch covered by a dark suit, etc, etc, Solar interior to a black exterior - :)). I do not feel you will be disappointed in this Ballistic fabric as it seems to actually hide dirt very well (like teflon to dirt compared to the already good 1050d). Now, I also have a Blue in this same fabric (the S19 and a Small Cafe Bag). They too are only slightly more reflective than their 1050d counterparts - not enough to be worried about.

    420 Parapack - while I do not have the original Parapack used to make the limited run of TB bags (S25s included), the sides of all S25s are made of a similar material that is 400 Parapack if I recall. It actually looks the most shiny and the most smooth due to the even smaller weave. I agree completely with @sturbridge if the 420 Parapack is similar to the 400 Parapack on the sides of the S25.

    For reference, my 525 Ballistic / Canyon interior S25 is the standard backpack that I carry into my office (financial). It is even more suble than the Black Halycon S25 I have. With all this talk of the 525 being more shiny, I would take that with a grain of salt. It's not a night and day difference. If I made an analogy to paint sheens, it is like comparing Satin (525) and Eggshell (1050d). It is definitely not Semi-Gloss or Gloss.

    Note again that my comments apply to the black colorway. When I do the same comparison with the Blues, I find both Navy (1050) and Deep Blue (525) to be more obviously shiny/reflective. Still great in an office environment though (Hello ... either Navy, black of Grey!).

    Hope this helps
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      Thanks @tpnl for the explanation. Really appreciate all the details in your explanation.

      I'm looking forward to get a 525 Ballistic's Black in the future.
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