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All These New Fabrics - My Synapses Are Firing Like Crazy - What To Choose !?!

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  • tpnl
    Just to add a few more comparison pictures of the colors in the mix ...

    Left: Deep Blue SCB;Canyon Interior / Dawn Large Shop Bag / French Blue FJN / Grass Cubelet / Single and Double Pouchkin
    Right: Burnt Orange Sprout / Island Small Shop Bag / Deep Blue Cubelet

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jun2017Debut_DeepBlue_Canyon.jpg
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ID:	301720

    Deep Blue SCB and Navy Ristetto (note: it hard to properly capture the 2 blue differences but the Deep Blue is darker and does not "change color" like the Navy one does in light or camera flash)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jun2017Debut_DeepBlueSCB.jpg
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ID:	301721

    Left: Deep Blue SCB; Canyon Interior / Dawn Shop Bag / Grass Cubelet
    Right: Navy Ristretto; Solar Interior / Nordic Pouch / French Blue FJN / Island Small Shop Bag / Grass Cubelet

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jun2017Debut_DeepBlueSCB1.jpg
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Size:	205.1 KB
ID:	301722

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  • All These New Fabrics - My Synapses Are Firing Like Crazy - What To Choose !?!

    With the new Ballistic Nylon Synapses coming out, I am in heaven! I LOVE ballistic Nylon.

    However, I still love my current Black Halycon S25! They both have their unique look - even when in black. So here are a few shots of both types of Synapses - 2 black S25s and 1 Deep Blue S19 ... and some ways I have used the new accessories!

    From left to right - Deep Blue 525d Ballistic Nylon S19, Black 400d Halycon S25, Black 525d Ballistic Nylon S25

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jun2017Debut_Synapse_DeepBlue_Black.jpg
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ID:	312807

    From left to right - Canyon 210d Ballistic Interior to Ballistic S25, Iberian 200d Halycon Interior to Black Halycon S25, Grass 210d Ballistic Interior to Ballistic S19

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jun27Debut_Canyon_Grass.jpg
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ID:	312805

    Fun with attachment - Grass Cubelet (using Gatekeeper Clips), Deep Blue Cubelet (on its own), Leaf Pouchkin (clipped to cache loops - slight stretch)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Jun2017Debut_SquareOC_AidPouches.jpg
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ID:	312806

    As @moriond mentioned in another thread, the 525 Ballistic Synapses are a bit heavier than their Halycon sisters and brothers. However, they are also more structured than the Halycon and keep their shape better (you can see the difference in the bottom pockets. The Halycon version also seems to stretch a bit more (to fit more) but that may be partially due to it being more used ... and of course there is the updated carry handle - not padded but double thickness and softer to create a more comfortable feeling in hand (but I assume all Synapses will get this in the future).

    I truly do love the new 525d Ballistic Nylon. It has more of a sheen to it than the 1050d but not too much and just makes the bag look smoother when viewed a few feet away - very much like parapack.

    Happy Debut Day!


    Edit: It is also an interesting read in the Materials sections on 525 Ballistic Nylon - tighter weave and "twisted" to reducing abrasion damage from showing. It explains why the fabric weighs more than expected (you would expect 50% of the 1050d weight but in fact it is 70%). It is also interesting that is is made of Cordura - but with a Ballistic weave and almost as tough as it's 1050d brother.
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