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The Sapphire Buzz: First Impressions

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    The Sapphire Buzz: First Impressions

    First of all, let me say that I have a terrific wife. The Buzz has been on my wish list for a long time now and yesterday I received one for my birthday! I had hoped for the crimson to pair with my Aeronaut, but I guess it was out of stock. No doubt about it though, the sapphire is a terrific color. After spending the evening with it, I love the sapphire and I think it will contrast nicely with the crimson Aeronaut.

    Now for the actual Buzz: This is quickly going to be my favorite bag. The EB is very nice, looks professional, and is cavernous. Unfortunately, it can also get very heavy, especially when also carrying the Aeronaut long distances in the airport. I also find the EB to be a bit of overkill for day to day use, as I'm usually just carrying my laptop back and forth to the office, plus a few notebooks. This is just enough to keep me from carrying only the Brain Cell. So what to do? Answer: The Buzz!

    My first impression when unveiling was simply 'wow'. The Buzz is of course manufactured with impeccable precision, and it looks terrific. The bag is both larger and thinner than I had anticipated, both in a good way. I had been a little concerned that my laptop wouldn't leave much room for anything else, but I shouldn't have worried. The Buzz easily holds the laptop while also offering to hold much more. At the same time, the profile is very slim depth-wise, which allows it to fit comfortably against your back.

    The outer pocket seems well designed, with pen holders and a pocket that perfectly holds index cards. The key strap is a nice touch as well. The inner laptop sleeve works perfectly, and the outer bottle holder will be a blessing on trips. Maybe my favorite part of the bag is the shoulder strap. It's thick, feeling very secure. The sling design could not be better, as it is easy to carry short distances while thrown over the left shoulder, yet it's very secure when worn more properly across the chest. I love the way it cinches tight, and the cell phone/mp3 pocket is terrific. The slightly oversized loop is also helpful for just grabbing the bag when you need to go.

    I've only had the bag a few hours, but I'm already in love with it. I think this is going to be the perfect bag for me. I love the Aeronaut, but only use it when traveling. The EB is a great bag, but probably a little too much for my daily needs. The Buzz fits my lifestyle and purposes perfectly. Tom has definitely hit one out of the park with this one. I think The Buzz is probably as close as it gets to the perfect bag for my needs. I'll try to update with pictures when I can.
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    Hey ellismc,

    We're glad that the Buzz is the right bag for you. We linked to your review on the blog today. And we're excited to see your pictures!
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        A follow-up note: I wasn't sure how large a water bottle the side pocket would hold, but I'm thrilled to find the Sigg 1.0 L bottle fits perfectly. I debated for a while, but really wanted the slightly larger bottle for daily use, and I'm so pleased it fits well. It's not even awkward; rather, it seems the Buzz was made to accommodate this size bottle. Sigg fans, enjoy!
        Proud owner of the sapphire/steel Buzz, crimson Aeronaut, steel/crimson Empire Builder, two Absolute Straps, steel Brain Cell, quarter convertible packing cube, and a variety of other packing cubes.