Just wanted to post an update on my Swift knitting bag purchased from the Tom Bihn showroom in Seattle, December 2007. I purchased the black/black in cordura. This bag rocks. It is perfect to carry multiple knitting projects, with room in both clear pockets for needles, measuring tape, markers, and other knitting tools. In the other pocket I usually keep my wallet and cell phone. This bag has been everywhere. Swim class for the kids, gymnastics class for the kids, trips to the mountains and back. It shows absolutely no signs of wear. While I have been waiting for my Imago to arrive, my Swift has served double duty as my office bag and my knitting bag. I can easily fit two projects and miscellaneous office items (books, files, etc.) with no problems at all. The longer straps are nice because I can wear it over my shoulder if I need my arms free to carry other things. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Tom Bihn bag. If you ever had any question about ordering this bag, don't hesitate. It will more than exceed your expectations. I like it so much that I plan to buy another one, but this time in ballistic nylon. Thanks to Tom Bihn and company for making such fantastic products. - Bobster