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First impressions of the Super Ego

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  • waxbanks
    Zipper - magnificent

    I just got a Super Ego last month and have been using it daily with Brain Cell and messenger strap; I adore this bag (it's a huge step up in every way from my plain ol' Timbuk2 messenger bag, which is a hell of a bag in its way but nothing special, y'know?). Just wanted to say here that the zippers are remarkable; I've never owned any item with zippers like the Bihn bags have - tough, water-resistant, and secure, even in the look of them - and I have no desire to go back to the rest of the bag world when the time comes to get respectable (i.e. to buy a briefcase).

    I do wish the bag fit even more tightly, higher up on my back (especially for biking), but that's not much of a complaint.

    Aah, those zippers! Just looking at the stupid things instills confidence. Ridiculous.

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  • timothy
    started a topic First impressions of the Super Ego

    First impressions of the Super Ego


    My Super Ego in deepest black (and brightest reflective) fitted with Q-AM strap arrived a few days ago, but yesterday I finally got home from school (and I do not plan to take any more law school exams, ever) and was able to check it out. I brought it out to show my cousin (first cousin once removed -- a generation older than me) as well -- he's a far more frequent flyer than I am, for his practice as a consultant to museums, and I think a die-hard one-bagger for most trips.

    A few quick impressions:

    Size: Exactly. I developed some trepidation about the size after reading certain comments on this forum and elsewhere, and thought "Gee, it seemed like a good size when I tried one out before ..." The size is exactly as I remember it. Large, but not outlandish. (I'm medium build, medium height -- 5'10"). In fact, though I *know* it can be loaded with an outrageous amount of stuff, my first thought on the size was that my very old great-sack-of-space messenger bag seems more capacious -- I have no idea of its actual volume, but that bag has served me well even as it's deteriorated over the space of 15+ years. On closer inspection, and having stuffed in a few sample items, I know there's no way the old bag could in fact hold more. Besides which, its velcro is long gone, the fastex fasteners have long since departed, and there's a hole in the corner ;)

    Fabric: very nice, super-strong as expected.

    Strap: I tried a Q-AM strap a few weeks ago on a co-worker's bag, and knew that I wanted the upgrade. One thing I wish it had is a memory-foam core to the padded portion of the bag. I will not be returning it in protest, however -- the Q-AM fits and works very nice. (I like it cinched rather right.) I tried it out over a sport coat, too, which may have looked funny but felt just fine.

    Zipper: My cousin at first thought the zipper did not fully open, but that's because of optical illusion presented by the rubbery surround. I reserve the right to complain later, but so far it's about the nicest zipper I can recall on anything, ever.

    That's all for now -- perhaps a more in-depth going-through later, but of course mostly for my own amusement, since there are plenty of Super Ego reviews about.

    Right now, it appears practical to carry both the Brain Bag (as a backpack, of course) with the Super Ego, not heavily loaded) as a personal item on a (U.S. domestic) flight. I need to try some sample loads to see if I still think this is true in real life.



    EDIT: I looked in vain for a Tom Bihn sticker in the box, but found something far nicer tossed in instead -- a screen-saving protective piece whatchamacallit. This arrives in perfect time, since my new expensive PowerBook Pro hasn't yet developed the insane key impressions I typically inflict on laptop screens.
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