Ok, I neglected to take pictures, but I recently spent 9 days in Mexico armed only with the Aeronaut for luggage and the Buzz for books, media, etc. I spent 4 days in Patzcuaro and 4 days in Ixtapa at a resort, with one day of travel in between. Patzcuaro was about 7000 ft. and frequently fairly cold, while Ixtapa was a very hot beach.

My Aeronaut's packing list, as best I remember it:
4 boxer briefs
6 pairs socks
2 pairs shorts
2 pairs swim trunks
1 pair pants
4 undershirts
3 polo shirts
1 sweater
1 outer shell jacket
1 pair sandals
1 viscose towel
1 quart bag of various liquids and toiletries
1 clear double-sided packing cube, filled with other toiletries and misc. items
2 large packing cubes
2 end cubes

All in all, this was enough for me to travel on indefinitely. The Aeronaut even fit in the overhead of the smallest plane and was a joy to travel with. The trip also involved carrying my bags up stairs and over cobble streets. I can't imagine if I'd had a wheeled bag.

Thanks Tom!