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    What is the measured height of the Luminary 15? The website lists it at 16.5in tall, but looking at the comparison photos, it looks almost as tall as a S25 (which is 20in tall) and much taller than the similarly-sized S19 [which is supposedly 16in tall]. I was originally thinking about getting the Luminary as an EDC/work bag, but the descriptions say you can't fit anything much bigger than a 13" macbook in the back compartment, but looking at the photos, it seems like there's a good amount of height in there [maybe the curved top is the issue then?]. I was thinking about getting a Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop for work, but it measures at almost an inch longer than a Macbook 13, so I'm concerned it wouldn't fit in the back compartment [I know I could put it in the main compartment, but it feels like a wasted opportunity not to utilize that back compartment].

    Also, for anyone with the bag, do the waist-belt attachment loops bother anyone when you wear the bag without a waist belt attached? I've had issues in the past with bags with those attachment loops just scratching against my back/sides, especially if I'm just wearing a t-shirt. I know I'm in the minority on that, but it's become a dealbreaker for me as far as comfort is concerned.


      Hi daaarn,

      I took some comparison pics of my S25 side by side my L15: As you can see, the S25 is indeed taller than the L15.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	s_25_l_15-3.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

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      The problem with a bigger laptop is not so much the height of the bag itself but the length of the zipper at the laptop compartment. Here you see my 13'' Macbook Pro that just fits through the zipper. Once it is inside there is more space. Unfortunately, I think you won't fit your Lenovo X1 through the zipper.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	s_25_l_15-1.jpg
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      Concerning the waist-belt attachment loops: I never had any issues and I never use the hip belt on the L15. But I remember that you had this issue with your Synik 30. Actually, I don't know whether you will have the same problem with the L15. The bag is much slimmer and less tall than the Synik but I can't tell how this will influence the behavior of the belt loops. Maybe there are others with more specific experiences here...
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        Hi daaarn,

        I’m going to add to bartleby’s comments by echoing that it’s not so much the height of the Luminary as the fit of your laptop to the back pocket. You don’t give the model year of your Lenovo Carbon X1 or its actual dimensions, but I’m going to assume that you looked up comparison specs for the current models of that laptop and the current 13” Retina MacBook Pro (Touchbar) models when you say of the Carbon, “it measures almost an inch longer than a MacBook 13”. When the Luminary 15 came out, I checked it for carrying the 13” non-Touchbar MacBook Pro models that were made through 2015 (12.35 × 8.62 × 0.71 inches / 31.4 cm × 21.9 cm × 1.8 cm (13” MacBook Pro); these also fit into the Synik 22 laptop compartment). That’s closer to the specs I looked up for current Lenovo X1 Carbons (12.7 x 8.5 x 0.6 inches), but we’d really need direct input from owners of the Lenovo X1 Carbon, which has been billed as a 14” (business) laptop.

        The Luminary product page states “the 13” MacBook Pro and the 13” Air will squeeze in, though you may find you’ll need to do a two-point turn to get either in position (note: that’s without any protective sleeve – add a sleeve and these laptops will not fit).” That description covers the 13” Retina MacBook Pro (non-Touchbar) model that I described above; but I also checked this against older models of the 13” MacBook Air before the late 2018 release that took these down in size. In this case, I was able to get the previous generation of 13” MacBook Air (models made from Late 2010 to mid 2017) into the Luminary 15 laptop compartment with the Power Support Clear Air Jacket for 13” MacBook Air (purchased previously) on the laptop. This was an instance where having the case on made it much easier to insert the laptop. FYI you can see my post (#3, dated 05-15-2019) in the Luminary 15 back pocket and MacBook Air 13? thread. I show pictures of a mid-2011 13" MacBook Air (12.8" x 8.94" in cross-section without the case) against the back of the Luminary 15, and also being inserted). I further give a link to a video reviews of the Power Support Clear Air Jacket for 13” MacBook Air and a link to the product further down.

        FWIW(=For What It’s Worth) I might carry a larger laptop inside the main compartment of the Luminary 15, but the difficulty is making full use of the vertical space of the laptop compartment if you’re not using it for tablet instead. Again, I have a solution for that, but it won’t work for everyone. See my post (#1733, dated 02-22-2019) in the Discussion of New Colors, New Designs thread. I’ll excerpt it here, since TapaTalk doesn’t handle navigating in really long threads that well. Basically, I’m using the retired Aether packing cubes from the (retired) Stowaway to verticallly stack items into the Luminary Back Pocket. They pull out easily through the side opening. They’ll also work in the Luminary 12.



        Excerpt follows:

        Originally posted by Darcy
        Mini - $12
        Small - $13
        A5 - $15

        Small = the size you guys already maybe have / know about :)
        Darcy, Has anyone tested the A5 size Ghost Whale Pouch in the back pocket of the Luminaries? Because my current solution for using that back pocket for other items (not large iPads or laptops) is to use two of the (retired) Stowaway Aether Packing Cubes (can fit them one on top of another in the back pocket of both size Luminaries). Each of these can also hold an A5 notebook -- e.g., I'll cite previous forum photos posted): (this was from my 04-16-2018 post (#2220) in the Your Photos are Needed thread)
        Originally posted by rose read View Post
        I've been searching for something to hold my journal and a few pens for a while now. I usually just toss everything in my bag, but after ruining a few notebooks with rain and leaky water bottles, that's no longer a solution. Luckily I got a Stowaway packing cube, and it's the perfect size for an A5 notebook and a pen pouch.

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        Originally posted by moriond View Post
        Just admiring this picture again, and wanted to note that there are a couple of Violet Stowaway Packing Cubes that came back into stock since this picture was posted (despite being retired -- these must be returns). So if anyone needs a pouch sized for an A5 notebook, this is briefly an option again. (These pictures are much nicer than the quick shot I posted in the A5 in a TSS? thread.

        I also wanted to mention, now that the Size #2 Knitting Tool Pouch is back in stock (it wasn't at the time this picture was posted), that also works as a slightly shorter pouch alternative for pens than the ballistic pen/pencil pouch or a Clear Organizer Pen/Pencil Pouch (BTW, you can usually get these in Halcyon as well as Cordura). I tend to use the Size #2 Knitting tool pouch for my laptop connectors (to ethernet, projectors, hard drives, etc.) because the ends are reinforced with Ballistic Nylon, but the center is clear urethane, to make it easier to see what you're carrying.


        If there's a current pouch solution that can organize the back compartment of the Luminaries for non-laptop use, that would be better.



        This shows two Stowaway Aether Packing Cubes stacked one on top of another, that can be slotted into the back pocket of the Luminary and easily slid out. They can hold an A5 notebook, and a Kindle (long direction of a Paperwhite or Voyage will even fit in the short direction of the Aether Packing Cube, and sit on top of an A6 notebook, leaving room for writing utensils) -- could also hold a sketchbook or diary.) This is the Luminary 15, but you can also slot two such pouches into the Luminary 12 back pocket -- to understand this, realize that the stacked pouches are slightly less in length than a 13" Retina MacBook Pro (touchbar) in size, and that laptop fits into the main compartment of either Luminary. The fact that these are two separate pouches lets you maneuver them into the back pocket, where you could not fit the 13"rMBP into the Luminary 12 back pocket because it is a single block.
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          Thanks for the replies! That's a little disappointing to hear. I was looking for a replacement for my old daypack which was about the same dimensions as the Luminary. I already have bigger backpacks so I was looking for something in the sub-20L range which still had a laptop compartment and some decent organization to replace my old bag. Ill keep an eye on the Luminary, but I'll probably look at some other bags in the meantime.


            Hi All,

            After being pleased that I'd managed to remove a laptop or large tablet from my travel kit, world events and work policies mean I now need to carry one in my commuter kit. I am, For Reasons, looking at the Luminary 15 as a way to carry a balanced weight with 'enough' capacity but not too much.

            The dimensions of my work computer are 30.5 cm x 20.5 cm x 1.5 cm. This seems to be a little smaller than the external dimensions of the 13" MacBook Pro that fits in the Luminary 15's laptop compartment.

            Originally posted by moriond View Post
            Hi daaarn,
            When the Luminary 15 came out, I checked it for carrying the 13” non-Touchbar MacBook Pro models that were made through 2015 (12.35 × 8.62 × 0.71 inches / 31.4 cm × 21.9 cm × 1.8 cm (13” MacBook Pro); these also fit into the Synik 22 laptop compartment). (....)

            The Luminary product page states “the 13” MacBook Pro and the 13” Air will squeeze in, though you may find you’ll need to do a two-point turn to get either in position (note: that’s without any protective sleeve – add a sleeve and these laptops will not fit).”
            Are there any reasons this might not work? The numbers look good, but for some reason I'm having doubts that the Luminary will agree to swallow my work computer.

            Also, how do people find Cloud Ballistic for looking clean and being clean-able after use? I've had mostly dark colours before.



              I have a 2019 edition 13" MacBook Air that fits into the Luminary 15 back padded pocket/section with the two point turn method, fits fine. I don't use a case when carrying it in the L15.

              Laptop specs:
              Height: 0.16–0.61 inch (0.41–1.56 cm)
              Width: 11.97 inches (30.41 cm)
              Depth: 8.36 inches (21.24 cm)
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