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Convertible Packing Cube/Backpack

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    Convertible Packing Cube/Backpack

    I just now received this bag and it's great. Bigger than I anticipated, even having read the description and measurements. It has 2 compartments - a big one on top and a smaller, narrow one on the bottom. It's amazingly light and will easily fit anywhere when empty. I am going to give it a workout tomorrow as I am traveling to Nebraska and will use it as a personal carry-on item. On this trip I need to use a max-carry-on sized wheeled bag which has a compartment to hold a laptop and accessories as well as main compartment for other things. Unfortunately the wheeled bag will have to go under the plane as carry-on luggage - the plane is a small regional jet and the overhead bins are too small for this bag to fit. (I am going to miss my Western Flyer greatly!!) My small laptop and a few other in cabin essentials (book, iPhone, snacks, etc) will go in the convertible once I clear security. I let y'all know how it works in this capacity.
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    Decided to actually use the cube/backpack as it was intended. It holds a large amount as a packing cube. Since I was using a new/different bag, I was able to also pack the smaller narrow compartment on the bottom of the cube. Almost everything i was carrying fit in the cube (4 shirts, 1 pair shorts, 1 pair slacks, pj's - yeah, I know -- 3 pair underwear and socks, workout clothing). Before putting in the bag, I wandered around using it as a backpack - surprisingly comfortable - and easy to get on and off. It's well constructed and amazingly light when empty. Used it today around town after arriving yesterday. Carried a light jacket and a few other odds and ends, and used it to carry my workout gear to the gym. I think this bag is going to be a winner! Now if it came in a color other than gray.....


      Excellent feedback -- thank you! Linked to it on the blog.

      FYI: I just received an email from a customer who successfully stowed their Western Flyer in the overhead compartment of Canadair Regional Jet 150 and CRJ 900.

      You'll see new Dyneema colors in November. First will be Yellow.
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        Thanks Darcy. The bag I needed to use was a carry-on max sized wheeled bag - I weartest some prototype bags - no way was it going to fit in a CRJ 200 I was flying. I would have killed to be able to use my WF. But the bag I used was large enough to essentially pack a loaded backpack. The convertible cube/backpack was perfect here. The cube/backpack continues to work well as a daypack around town. Yellow? Hmmm.....