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In Memoriam: TB PCSB, OG Style

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    Can anyone tell me if the new attachment points still enable the PCSB to be used as a sling bag, like in the post below? I am in need of a lightweight sling bag.



      Kind of--the PCSB has the same triangular attachment points it used to have, but they've moved to the front and back of the bag. That means you can still attach the same kinds of strap, but it's slightly more awkward to wear because of the offset attachment points.

      You can see the new placement clearly in this photo from the website:

      Click image for larger version

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      I have a bunch of great bags. Favorite color combos include Aubergine/Island, Navy/Solar, Forest/UV, Original Halcyon/Wasabi, Cloud/Viridian... and now also Seapine/UV!

      I've fulfilled my dream of palindromic-colored nested bags! Navy/Ultraviolet Pilot with Aubergine/Island Side Effect inside: blue purple purple blue. Forest/UV A45 with Aubergine/Wasabi Co-Pilot inside: green purple purple green.


        Thank you aedifica. Does anyone have pictures of themselves wearing a new-style bag in sling mode?


          +1 from me on the old style. The Side Kick suffers from a similar problem in the new design. End clips are much more useful.

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            Originally posted by GrussGott View Post
            You could offer both options, note the risk & probability, and let people vote with their wallets : )
            We could, but that would be our first foray into the realm of a limited warranty and we're still not sure how we feel about that. It's something we've discussed before, but in relation to Cork fabric: it's a beautiful fabric, and it's good to support cork forests, and while it is a durable material, it just doesn't last as long as ballistic nylon. If we ever offered it again, it would need to have a limited warranty and an explanation that, due to the nature of the fabric, it will darken or flake off or otherwise naturally age a little here or there over time and with regular use.

            Anyway... we are experimenting with some ideas for the PCSB :) No promises though, this could take a bit.
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              Originally posted by emcee View Post
              Thank you aedifica. Does anyone have pictures of themselves wearing a new-style bag in sling mode?
              Hope this helps!

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                Pandamama, thank you! Love your Totoro plushie :)


                  I’ve been using the new PCSB as a day bag in Disney World. It’s a perfect size for holding my wallet, chapstick, Yeti 18 oz water bottle, and sunglasses.

                  I’ll alternate wearing it in the front or back depending on crowds and if my back is getting too hot in the Florida heat.

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