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Mr. ID Goes to Disney World

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    Mr. ID Goes to Disney World

    Well, we just returned from Disney World on a madcap 4-day adventure. Here's a shot of me waiting for the bus into the theme parks, with my faithful ID loaded up for a day of adventure:

    And here's a shot from within Animal Kingdom with two of my closest travelling companions: one good looking ID bag, and my adventurous 5 year old (he's the one on the right):

    It turns out that the ID was the perfect companion for a romp through the amusement parks witha family of four. We would head out each day provisioned with snacks, water bottles, rain panchos, a camera, hats, and assorted necessities. The ID still had plenty of room for various souveniers and trinkets one picks up along the way.

    I should note a few features that came in VERY handy. First of all, the water resistant nature of the bag kept everything safe and dry, given Florida's tendancy for suprise rain showers this time of year and some wet rides. The ID was also the perfect size to sling under your seat on the more adventurous rides (like roller coasters) without being a bother, and easy to maneuver with in and out of crowds. Finally, the combination of pockets, pouches and snap-rings were immensely useful for organizing our gear... even my wife commented on how easy it was to manage our stuff as we rumbled from ride to ride and in and out of the venues.

    Just another testament to the clever design, durability, and functionality of Tim Bihn products. The ID is just as comfortable as a constant companion on vacation or on the way to the office!
    Bob P.
    Magic Tiki Studios

    Empire Builder (black/steel), Brain Bag (steel), Small Padded Organizer Pouch, Clear Wallet, Soft Cell, Snake Charmer (cayenne) and assorted trimmings.

    Cool report!

    Did you do anything besides stick the bag underneat, on roller coasters? I'd worry about it falling out, at least if the coaster had any inversions ...

    Haven't been to DWorld in a long time, though, not sure what the current crop is like. I'm sad that 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea closed, though. Is Mr. Toad's Wild Ride still there?



      We took a trip there in December and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was replaced with a Pooh Bear ride. My daughter loved it but I missed Mr. Toads! Buzz Lightyear's ride was awesome...if you get a chance I highly recommend it. Plus the upgrades to "Pirates of the Caribbean" were great as well!

      Magic, thanks for the great pics!
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        Thanks for the comments!

        Tim, most of the rides were bag-friendly, since it seems that everyone in the park is lugging a backpack or bag of some sort (mostly for the little ones). So if the ride is aggressive (like a coaster) you often find a place under your seat or a webbed pocket to stash your stuff (if it will fit).

        I miss 20,000 leagues and Mr Toad's Wild Ride. Piper, I agree that the Pirates ride is still great. They updated it, but did not change the essence of what the ride is. Same for the Haunted Mansion. I am all about the classics. :)
        Bob P.
        Magic Tiki Studios

        Empire Builder (black/steel), Brain Bag (steel), Small Padded Organizer Pouch, Clear Wallet, Soft Cell, Snake Charmer (cayenne) and assorted trimmings.


          Great pictures!!
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            Backpack at Disney

            Agree that an important and useful feature is that the bag is waterproof. Nothing worse than a soggy backpack and alot of people don't think to check or ask about this before making a purchase. I put my bag in a locker when we went on rides at Disney World and that worked out great!
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            ---Walt Disney


              We just got back from WDW as well. We took a Backstage Magic Tour and the reason for replacing Mr. Toad with Pooh was because kid's these days have no idea who Mr. Toad is, and have never read Wind in the Willows. Pooh was voted as a more popular character. I grew up in SoCal and have been going to Dland since the year it opened. I've always loved Mr. Toad (it's still there), but had never read Wind in the Willows, either. Finally found the free audio podcast online (for free, no less) at: http://librivox.org/the-wind-in-the-...eth-grahame-2/, so now I know the story. Librivox is a fantastic site, especially for the traveler armed with an iPod. It is all volunteer and free. Pooh at Dland is hidden over in Bear Country, near Splash Mountain.

              My favorite Tom Binh bag for the Disney parks is the backpack cube. I've ordered the smaller one as well, and plan to use that one for jackets. I think the perfect addition to that would be making it convertible to a waist packet.

              We love Buzz Lightyear as well, but prefer it at Dland, where the shooter is on a chord. Absolute favorite now is Toy Story, though. In January we had a less than 20 min wait during magic hours.

              MT is correct that the rides that have action involved all have bins, usually a stretchy net, that most soft sided bags will fit into. The last time I was at Dland, they did not allow any kind of rolling bag (though I saw some at WDW). There is no way you could put one of those into their bins.

              Your point about being waterproof is well taken, especially for Orlando. We hit one storm there several years ago that had us soaked down to our underwear. Taking this into mind, I gave my Checkpoint Flyer an extra coat of Nikwax, just in case.


                The new Toy Story ride is fantastic! I agree! And I do miss Mr Toad's Wild Ride... I can also remember the 20,000 leagues under the sea ride from a number of years ago...

                How was the Backstage Tour? We're heading down in June. I need to recharge my creative batteries. :)
                Bob P.
                Magic Tiki Studios

                Empire Builder (black/steel), Brain Bag (steel), Small Padded Organizer Pouch, Clear Wallet, Soft Cell, Snake Charmer (cayenne) and assorted trimmings.


                  That bag is really cool! Disneyland is a perfect place for it to be used. I know at Splash Mountain I always have the inconvience of all my stuff getting wet. In addition, im always out on my boat, and the bag would be great from keeping my valuables wet from the ocean spray or water from people dripping from being in the water. Haha

                  Anyways, I Love the photos!
                  I have never been to Disneyworld unfortunately, but I heard it's amazing! I hope to go soon!
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