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Aeronaut "one bag" fall trip success

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    Aeronaut "one bag" fall trip success

    I had another successful "no checked luggage" trip with my Aeronaut as my main bag. This time I had to cope with colder weather so packing was difficult due to everything being heavier and bigger. This trip including running a race so I had to take my running gear.

    It all worked out pretty well. The trip was just over a week. I did laundry by hand during the trip using tips from other sites. I think I over packed slightly but not sure what else I could have changed. The Aeronaut was a bit stuffed on the trip back but it did all fit. Most of my clothes did well with washing and drying but some of my items took too long to dry and will need to change next time.

    If anyone is interested here's roughly what I was able to take (the cubes went in the main compartment).

    Small Cube
    running shorts
    running socks
    running tank top
    2 inflatable hangers
    rubber travel clothes line
    travel rain poncho
    travel towel
    thin running gloves

    Small Cube
    cotton t-shirt
    2 pair light hiking socks
    2 pair Ex Officio underwear
    2 thin short sleeve running shirts
    knit hat

    Large Cube
    2 pair pants (pretty thin)
    2 thin long sleeve no collar running shirts
    3 long sleeve cotton shirts (2 buttons 1 pullover)
    1 windbreaker (picked up on trip)
    fleece vest (stuffed in main compartment outside of cube)

    Side Pocket
    Running shoes wrapped in backpacking stuff sack

    Side Pocket
    2 Tom Bihn large clear pouches with toiletries and liquids
    1 bag with electronics (travel alarm, chargers, shaver, cords)
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    Thanks for posting your packing list, pretzelb! I think we should start a section of the Aeronaut page that is a collection of customers packing lists - they're so helpful in giving one a sense of what the bag can fit.
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      Another convert

      I've been a carry-on only traveler for quite some time but used to rely on those little carry-on suitcase on wheels. Last summer my husband and I went to Europe for a month - it was my first trip with the Aeronaut and I've mentioned it before in this forum. My husband had his rolling suitcase and I had my Aeronaut on my back - it didn't take long for him to be sold on the convenience and ease with which I negotiated stairs, turnstiles and the like with my bag on my back.

      Last week I went to NYC for 4 days with a friend. She also had a rolling carry-on and now wants to get an Aeronaut as well.

      The only problem I have with my Aeronaut is how to carry my second bag... my arms get tired ;)


        After having been a carry-on-only guy for 10 years (hundreds of trips), I converted last April (http://forums.tombihn.com/showthread.php?t=1308 ) from wheeled to wheel-less, thanks to the excellent design of the Aeronaut. They can have their wheels. This is far better.
        Randal L. Schwartz



          For those of you who haven't read it on my blog yet, here's what I packed on my aeronaut for that one month trip:

          * 2 skirts (I intend to buy another one there)
          * 1 dress
          * 2 pairs cropped pants
          * 1 pair casual pants
          * cropped yoga pants
          * about 14 tops (!) which includes 2 long-sleeves t-shirts, 2 short-sleeves shirts, 2 polo shirts, 3 t-shirts, 4 sleeveless tops, 1 sweater.
          * 1 bikini
          * assorted underwear and socks
          * 4 pairs of shoes (that breaks all the rules of traveling light) - 1 pair of Teva sandals, 1 pair of sporty Keen hiking sandals, 1 pair flip flops, 1 pair converse shoes

          Btw, the back wasn't even overstuffed. I actually bought a few more items of clothing while I was there (not because I needed any...)

          My husband wheeled carry-on suitcase fit far less and weighted a lot more. Plus, he had more trouble negotiating stairs and turnstiles at the many subway stations we went through in Toronto, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid