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V4 is ok but...

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    V4 is ok but...

    I was lucky enough to receive V4 via forum raffle. My wife and I have used the masks we received for the past few days. We both have found this version of the mask to be really warm - not surprising given that it is flannel. When the masks first arrived it was in the 80s here in NC and I put mine on after washing it - line dry. I could feel the sweat forming on my upper lip and cheeks in less than a minute. The mask may well be a good winter mask!. The medium/large mask was comfortable and fit my face fairly well. The small/medium mask was a bit large for my wife. The nose piece is substantial and snugs the mask nicely, but my beard stubble kept catching on the material and pulling the mask down when talking - something I need to do a lot in my work. I tried shaving as closely as I could without removing substantial amount of skin but still experienced the pulling down problem. (To be fair, this is something I experience with all masks except the V2 mask I purchased. Disposable ones are the worst for this.) My wife did not experience this problem but did complain about the nose piece material being "rough" and uncomfortable. We tried all sorts of adjustments and removing the metal in the nosepiece, she still did not like the way the nose piece area felt. We both really liked the lanyard portion letting the mask hang freely when it did not need to be in place. The adjustable loops are a godsend to me since I always find the fixed sewn loops ( or glued in the case of disposable masks). just a bit too short for longterm comfort. One thing I noticed early on was that, for me, the inside layer of the mask puffed toward my mouth and would find its way into my mouth on occasion if I did not remove the mask to push it back out - not sure why that happened. My wife did not experience this - maybe I am just a heavy breather! All in all, V4 is ok but will likely not become my go-to mask; although as the weather turns colder, my opinion may change.

    Update - Having had the mask for several more days now and being able to wear it during a spell of 3-4 days of cooler weather, I can report that the V4 mask is indeed more comfortable when it is cooler out. I have washed the masks a number of times and they both launder well without noticeable shrinkage or distortion of the sewing lines/seams. My wife has given up on he mask so I am going back and forth between the two sizes. Both seem to work and fit well, although the larger one gives better chin coverage with a bit less being pulled down by my stubble. the fit around the bridge of the nose is nice and I do like being able to adjust the 'flap' that goes over the nose. Still, I remain a fan of the V2 mask. I have been negligent on posting some photos but will try to do so in the next few days.