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V4 Mask - A belated review

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    V4 Mask - A belated review

    A very belated V4 review. I won a pair of the V4 masks a few weeks ago, and have been testing whenever I’ve gone out (and they’ve been freshly laundered), ever since, in hopes to review in a variety of situations and over multiple wearings. And then I’ve been so busy with work and life I keep writing in my head but never at a computer, so huge apologies for the delay in writing this up.

    The first day I tried the S/M and my husband the M/L, and we went for a few mile walk in our neighborhood. First impressions were that the adjustable ear loops and neck loops are amazing! He was concerned about the fold in the flannel over his cheek when he first put it on, but then promptly forgot, and it was a non-issue.
    That first day is was in the mid-80’s, and the flannel was… hot. I think we likely would have been hot in any mask, it was a hot day for October. Since we weren’t always around people, we took advantage of the neck loop, and wore them around our necks some of the time. It was really nice to be able to have that easy flexibility, and I think I’ll add a similar feature to masks I sew in the future.

    It has since gotten cooler, and the flannel is so nice. it I find myself reaching for these masks first, as do the rest of my family. My daughter and I went on a 6-mile hike, where we were occasionally encountering other hikers, and enjoyed being able to easily have the mask on and off, the fabric was comfortable and we didn't find the flannel to be too warm even though we were walking at a brisk pace.

    Most of the masks in our house are using the V1 pattern, that I’ve sewn myself. Originally the smaller (only) size, and then when the larger pattern became available, I switched to that. My husband really only fits into the larger size of the home-sewn V1. With the V4, the larger size is better, but he can work with either. My face is smaller, and I’m able to wear both sizes of both masks equally. My teenage children are almost swimming in the larger V4, and the smaller is perfect. One downside to the V1 masks I’ve been sewing is that each family member needs a different size ear loop, and there is lots of figuring out which mask fits each person. The adjustable loops on this mask allow for complete flexibility, which I love.

    They do get rather wrinkled in the wash, I should either iron them or make sure to pull them out of the dryer immediately and try and smooth them out. That’s the only drawback I noticed, is just how well they hold wrinkles.