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Shadow Guide 33 review by an A30 user

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    Shadow Guide 33 review by an A30 user

    Shadow Guide 33 review by an Aeronaut 30 user

    Love, love, love the sleek, stealthy, unfussy style of the Shadow Guide.

    Very excited about taking the Shadow Guide on our 4 day Fraser island trip. The SG33 will be my luggage over to the island, unpacked at the resort, then used as a day bag. Our day bag needs to fit beach gear, snacks and water for both of us. The A30 just doesn't work as a day bag.

    I always carry a handbag, so have not included any water bottle, wallet, tissues, sanitiser etc items in the packing of the SG33.

    Generally speaking, my packing style is "throw and go" with rolled up clothes in the main section of the A30. Clear quarter packing cube with toiletries in an end pocket, flip flops in the other end pocket. Sometimes I use packing cubes in the A30, sometimes not. I definately feel packing cubes are required to make the SG33 work for me.

    The Shadow Guide works beautifully if separating clothing with 5 packing cubes : end pocket A30 x 2, end pocket A45 x 3. Everything fits including my beach towel. Toiletries bag (CQPC) slips easily into the brain pocket.

    The laptop wouldn't normally go on holiday but lets see how it fits anyway.....2020 Macbook Air in a neoprene briefcase does fit in (without charger). With the charger in the front pocket of the briefcase (it's usual home) it was a tad difficult to close the SG33
    without strongly handling the zip.

    Speaking of the zip.... if only the laptop compartment zip stopped just before the bottom curve. It was a bit fiddly, hard to get a good, easy movement upwards to close the zip. The black zip pulls are sleek and fit in well with the aesthetic.

    Click image for larger version

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    The SG33 feels comfortable to carry and the 7cm spacing between straps is great for me. (162cm tall)
    Edgeless straps are soft.
    I really like the way the main zipper placement on the brain pocket allows easy access to stuff in the brain pocket.

    Thank you to Tom Bihn for the SG33 in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
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    162cm & 175cm tall
    Click image for larger version

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      Inside the SG33
      Click image for larger version

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      5 swimwear, beach towel, 5 tops, small travel tray, 5 shorts, 3 dresses, toiletries in CQPC, underwear, socks


        Packed for a day trip to the beach
        Click image for larger version

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          What we take for beach day trip
          Click image for larger version

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          In brain pocket : snacks, QKit on the included keystrap (cash/room card/credit card), first aid pouch & sunscreen.
          Inside bag : water 1 litre, water 750ml, 2 flip flops, 2 beach towels, spare top.