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Super Ego Initial Impressions

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    Super Ego Initial Impressions

    so i got the superego yesterday after returning a booq boa 17" bag that had such a cool layout and organizing pockets and things - but it was too stiff for my taste and not comfortable. but yet i needed a big bag that could hold a laptop.

    the superego seemed like a nice hybrid. a messenger bag at heart that could adapt into a laptop bag with a brain cell. the boa was a bit too formal, it would only be good as a travel bag but not for a casual day in the city. the super ego didnt have as many compartments, but had other advantages like being more casual and flexible.

    and that it is. without a brain cell inside, it molds to my body - just what i wanted. someting flexible for when i just need a messenger bag for say a summer day in central park without a laptop but maybe a blanket and some food and my music inside - but then can be my laptop travel bag by just sticking in the brain cell.

    i have a dell latitude D620 for work and that only needs a braincell size 4 - but i use a sprint aircard, so i went with a 2M so i could fit it with the aircard attached - at airports and hotels i could just pull out the laptop ready to connect instead of having to dig around for the aircard to slide it on. the brain cell is very well made - i put my hand inside the brain cell and then gave it taps from outside - couldnt feel a darn thing. do that with an inCase nylon plus - and u feel it. the inCase is more flexible of course but for someone who travels so often jamming his bag in overheads or under seats - i want the protection of the brain cell.

    only problem is the 2M is so big it just takes up too much room for my taste. it comes to virtually to top of the superego which is quite tall - so i ordered a size 4 and am returning the bigger one purely out of my preference. ill stash the aircard in a mini pouch attached to a d-ring and connect it when i take out the laptop. no biggie.

    the zippers seem great and inspire confidence if caught in some rain offguard. the QAM strap was my choice and i am going to enjoy this strap. quite simply being able to pull the load to my back when i may need to run to a flight will be a godsend. funny, today in the city i saw a guy running with both his hands holding his messenger bag behind him pressed against his back. couldnt have been fun. that guy could have used a QAM.

    i like the front organizer pockets and pouch - its a nice easily accessible area. the two zipper pockets in front, etc. well laid out. the seatbelt buckle is a nice add-on - i have seen them on Chrome bags and thought it was a funky touch. it works nicely for style and function.

    the two water bottle pockets on the sides was a big plus to me - i always like tem on the side of my bags. the back magazine pocket is a nice touch for documents.

    only suggestion i would have is make a wheelie-handle pass thru for us that use this for flying often. that would be a nice touch.

    ill really put this bag through its runs when i start my 19-city mission from february-november for work. about 2 trips per month. nothing crazy, but enough to want that perfect travel bag. i already have some accessories coming to utilize the d-ring hooks to attach some pouches for a few things that i take with me. i miss the tons of little compartments in the boa but i can see the advantage of having a big open main compartment - you can always add dividing tools but if it comes broken down already by the manufacturer and sewn thta way - you cant customize later with such a bag. unless you have a seamstress as a butler.

    so the superego is not going back the way the boa did.

    ill have some pictures to post as well of the super ego in action on its travel missions with me. ny to los angeles. ny to phoenix. ny to denver. ny to houston. ny to palm springs - in february and march.

    i am 5'10" tall and i think the size is as big as i would go. it looks fine for my stature but if you are shorter, it might look a bit strange on you, id go with the ego.
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    today i had no need of my laptop so i unclipped the brain cell and left it at home.

    this is how this bag really shines - versatility as stated above. now i had a bag that is quite big, but is only as big as the stuff you have in it. the brain cell being removable is so much better than having a dedicated laptop compartment IMO.

    so without the brain cell and an slr, this bag molded to my body and the QAM strap was tip-top.

    I watched the obama swearing in at Times SQuare with the crowd and then clipped in the QAM strap and jogged 5 blocks to the pub across from work to hear the speech where sound was better. the QAM strap was perfect.

    good stuff.

    the only thing this made me realize is that a zipped pocket in the main pocket on the side that is the wall between the front pouch area would be ideal. its nice to let the customer compartmentalize this big area, but it is so big taht without a brain cell, havign a zipped pocket inside the main area would be a nice touch.
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