My mom was using a small purse that had a magnetic snap enclosure, and was overstuffing it! She began losing things because the top would come off, and the objects would slip out. She also had a hard time finding things, since she had to dig around to find her keys and cell phone. Since I was using my Medium Cafe Bag, I gave her my Small Cafe Bag, and she loves it! She says she doesn't lose anything anymore, and she knows where everything is. She loves the key strap (16"), and never has to take them out of her bag. :) She loves the organizer pouches, too, since she can keep receipts and notes in one place. And her hands are free! (the other bag was a handbag) She was also impressed with the pen holders and the pouch pocket for her cell phone. :) This bag will be more durable than her others, as well :) She usually wears out her purses after a year or two, but I know she'll be able to use this one for a long time :) Great bag!!