My better half was on a four days trip to a conference.

While packing, five days ago, he realized that his everyday backpack was not going to hold
- an heavy sweater
- a pair of sport shoes
- a light windbreaker
- a swim suit
- 2 tees
- couple of pair of casual and dress socks
- a short sleeve dress shirt
- a long sleeve dress shirt
- a pair of dress pants
- a pair of sunglasses
- phone power cable
and the obligatory 3-1-1 clear zip lock

I offered my Steel Brain Bag.

That's the bag I am always yapping about, I emptied if of my heavy textbooks and hoped for the best.

It is an older style Brain Bag but I have found a way to twist the two part waist strap into the webbing of the compression straps.

Upon return, the better half was not grumbling about a sore back, said that the bag was comfortable and likable.