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Empire Builder, Ego and a Lot of Accessories

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    Empire Builder, Ego and a Lot of Accessories

    Well, if you were to ask me who Tom Bihn was a couple of months ago I wouldn't have a clue. Now, however, if you were to ask, I'd tell you that Tom Bihn and company are on par with deity status. Bottom line. Tom Bihn and his staff are an amazing company and make amazing products.

    When I started searching for a new laptop bag, I wasn't expecting to find Tom Bihn. But, I'm glad I did. I must admit I'm a bit of an organizational freak. A perfectionist. A person who expects a lot from products and their vendors. Tom Bihn delivers!

    I remember the day when my IT department announced I was getting a new laptop. I was jazzed. That excitement soon faded, however, when I discovered it wouldn't fit in my laptop bag. My trusted bag. The bag I've used and traveled with extensively for the past nine years. Amidst my frustration at the time, I didn't realize the search for a new bag would lead me to Tom Bihn. I sure as hell glad it did.

    To make a long story short, I think I found nirvana with the Tom Bihn company and have since bought, perhaps too many, products (granted they are for my wife and me): The Empire Builder, Ego, size 3s Brain Cell, size 3s Soft Cell, Freudian Slip, four Utility Bags, two Shop Bags, an additional Absolute Strap and several accessory pouches.

    Needless to say I'm an addict. When you see their products first hand you'll understand. The design if flawless. The craftsmanship if impeccable. And, the company's customer service is unmatched.

    There are already many reviews of these products on the forum and the Web. That said, if you have specific questions I can answer about the Empire Builder, Ego, Utility Bag, Shop Bag, Accessory Pouches or Brain Cell--I'm happy to assist.

    One happy customer.

    Chris Power