Until recently I didn't realise I had a bag fetish but after discovering this web site following the slashdotting recently, I've been feverish about getting my hands on a bag! I'm happy to say I now have a Steel/Cork/Wasabi Imago and a Steel/Solar Aeronaut in my possession (and a Plum/Olive medium cafe bag for my wife). The build quality is excellent as noted in many many other posts so I won't belabour that point with my own feeble description.

I have attached a picture of my bags to provide an example of the colour, relative size and absolute size (thanks to a stubbie of good Australian beer 375ml).

What did surprise me is that the Imago was bigger and the Aeronaut smaller than I expected. Not in a bad way but another voice suggesting that some sort of side by side official size comparison would be very helpful. I had been a little concerned that the Imago would be too small and the Aeronaut too big so I'm a happy camper in both respects.

Although not ideal, the Imago main pocket is large enough to fit my Lenovo T60 15.4" laptop, albeit without any protective sleeve. I don't intend to use it for that purpose but it is nice to know that if I had to I could use it temporarily.

Both bags will get a serious workout when I travel to Vietnam on business for five weeks in June.
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