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"We LOVE those at Love Field"

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    "We LOVE those at Love Field"

    I haven't had a chance yet to give a thorough review on my CheckPoint Flyer, but I did want to post one comment that I got while going through TSA at DAL (Dallas/Love Field).

    The last time that I went through Love Field was in the early 70's. For those of you who either don't remember, or weren't born yet, in those days (shades of Grampa Simpson here). Bags were heavy, didn't have wheels and very cumbersome. A carryon for a female was often a train case (google that one) or perhaps an updated, less cubular version of one. If you were lucky, you had a tote bag, but they were still unbelievably heavy and built for combat duty. I still have nightmares when I even think of mine. Perhaps that is why I have been on the (until now) endless search for the perfect carryon. I could swear my tote bag (with no shoulder strap) weighed at least what my CheckPoint Flyer weighs WITH my computer, accessories, and everything I usually carry in my purse.

    To my surprise, Love Field is a lot like Burbank, not having changed much since the 60's and 70's. I have the "last gate curse", coming in and going out of the one the longest distance possible from each other, and I did that more times than I can count in my youth, when American was at one end, and Delta at the other. Going through there is a mixed bag, good memories, but actual pain in schlepping the bags through the terminal. I actually even spent New Year's Eve there once, waiting stand-by for a flight.

    Thanks to my Tom Bihn CheckPoint Flyer, my memories are now only positive. We had a crack O' dawn flight and were some of the first passengers at the airport. In going through several airports now, the only problem that I have had with my CPF was the very first time I used it going out of OAK. That was minor, because it was very busy and the screener wasn't quite ready for it (being brand new on the market) when it first went through, so they put it through a 2nd time. This was very simple, due to the bag's unique design. Since then, I have mentioned to the TSA agent at the entry point to the screening chamber that it is a trifold and they alert the screener at the machine. It then flies through without a hitch.

    At Love Field, this last time, I did the same thing. The agent looked at it and smiled. With great enthusiasm, he said: "We LOVE those here". So, TB and crew you are not only making my life much easier, but the people who have to deal with your bags at Love Field. Thanks for that!