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A week in Orlando with my Brain Bag

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    A week in Orlando with my Brain Bag

    Hey, All!

    Last year, my trusted ID went to Disney World for a week (I posted details in pics in the pictures forum). This year, my Brain Bag went along for the trip! I thought it would be useful to write a little review of the experiences here...

    First off, we decided that we would go with no checked luggage for the trip. This meant that the ID needed to stay home so I could accommodate more stuff for the journey. Two adults and two kids with enough stuff for eight days. We did it with three carry on suitcases and my Brain Bag. The Brain Bag was loaded with a laptop, a snake charmer carrying all the assorted power supplies for electronics, several books, 2 light jackets, and a host of travel sundries (snacks, supplies, and the plastic baggies for carry-on medicines and toiletries) and fit nicely the seat in front of me on the flight, to my suprise!

    Upon arrival, the Brain Bag's flexibility really came in handy. The weather in Orlando was predictable: hot, humid with periods of heavy rain every day followed (and preceded) by the Florida sun. This required a variety of items for the daily trek to the parks: lots of water, rain gear for sudden storms, sunscreen, camera, etc. As the dutiful dad/pack horse, I carried all of the gear for the team on a daily basis. Conching the side straps tight turned the BB into a (relatively) lean and mean gear bag for the daily park trips!

    Comfortable? Suprisingly so. The mesh backing on the bag and the well designed straps made carrying the BB -- even in the Florida heat -- a pleasure. My wife suggested using one of those vinyl chorded mini-packs instead of my big ol' bag, but the BB just made the load much easier to carry.

    (As far as taking the Brain Bag on rides: I think we rode everything in the parks, and I never had a problem with it size-wise. Believe me... my kids are 15 and 6. I saw some parents with real little ones carrying much larger backpacks for all the baby necessities... the BB was a tiny little changepurse compared to some of those monstrosities!)

    Rain? HA! We laugh at rain! When the storms would blow through the BB became the shelter for all the precious electronics (cameras, cell phones, etc.) and kept everything bone-dry through the worst rain-soaked scrambles for shelter.

    On the trip home, we were loaded with souveneirs and the usual travel stuff. Once again, the Brain Bag showed its versatility as I switched back to heavy-hauler mode.

    Durable, flexible, and waterproof. This is why my Brain Bag is my "other" best friend. Thanks again, Tom Bihn crew! Now I just need an Aeronaut to go with it, and travel life will be very good indeed!
    Bob P.
    Magic Tiki Studios

    Empire Builder (black/steel), Brain Bag (steel), Small Padded Organizer Pouch, Clear Wallet, Soft Cell, Snake Charmer (cayenne) and assorted trimmings.