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tri-star all over the place!

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    tri-star all over the place!

    hi folks,

    the video review is pending until my schedule frees up. but i wanted to share a bit about the tri-star.

    this beautiful, highly functional bag has been my companion for many recent trips.

    it started with my trip to san francisco. you've seen some pictures from that trip.

    i was in san francisco for 6 days for training. i packed:
    • a fairly thick hardback book and two moleskine notebooks. these fit in the smaller side of the divided first compartment.
    • dry toiletries, including electric toothbrush, bar of soap, safety razor in a clear quarter organizer cube.
    • wet toiletries, including shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, moisturizer in the 3d clear organizer cube. the toiletries fit into the other side of the divided first compartment.
    • a 13" macbook inside of a soft cell, inside of a large cafe bag. the large cafe bag also held other adapters, and accessories in a variety of organizer pouches. for the return flight (after i had picked up a couple of goodies :), i carried the large cafe bag with macbook and other accessories inside as my personal item. this went into the middle compartment.
    • 3 changes of clothes in a packing cube in the back compartment. i had my clothes laundered at my destination.

    the tri-star was a joy to carry as a backpack! i felt like it was an extension of myself as i walked through the airport. i didn't ruffle anyone or any seats as i walked down the isle with the tri-star on my back to get to my seat on the airplane. it was easy to store in the overhead compartment, and easy to retrieve with the grab handles on the sides.

    i also walked around san francisco with the tri-star and it was easy to carry. i found out that you cannot keep your backpack on when you ride a cable car. sometimes, the cable cars get packed with people. i took the tri-star off and was easily able to keep it on my lap or by my feet. note: if you're standing at the rear of the cable car, the conductor at the rear of the car who manages the brake may let you keep your backpack on :).

    i've done a few weekend trips to north carolina after my trip to san francisco. i typically carry two or three changes of clothes (depending on how many days i am going for), my macbook pro inside of a brain cell, and various tools and adapters for the work that i am doing. the tri-star holds all of this handsomely.

    i typically stay at a fairfield inn which has an elevator. but this past weekend, i wasn't able to get reservations at the fairfield inn and stayed at the sleep inn, which is right next door and only has stairs - no elevators. i smiled to myself as i came downstairs in the morning to have breakfast. i was packed and ready to go, tri-star in hand. others came down the stairs holding their rolling suitcases that won't roll down the stairs. well, i guess they could, right?

    i didn't see it here, but i have seen people with the big 30" suitcases that are packed so full that you can barely lift them by the handle. then they proceed to try to pull them up a set of stairs. a long time ago, i was one of those people. i would take a 2 week trip to india and bring a change of clothes for every day i was there. i was concerned about having laundry done there. i also packed way more than i needed. i remember packing a chess set thinking i want to have it with me in case i feel like playing chess with someone. mind you this wasn't a travel chess set. this was one of these full size chess sets with weighted pieces. by the way, it is not a good idea to fly with these - security in new delhi was very curious what was in my suitcase. you used to have to get your checked luggage x-rayed before you checked in, and there was usually a long line at the x-ray machine when you entered the airport. this practice may still be in place - but you don't have to worry about that if you travel with the aeronaut or tri-star or western flyer that you can bring onboard :).

    Thanks once again, Maverick, for your delightful and informative review. (Still looking forward to that video and your comparison to the Aeronaut!)

    I used to be a "wheelie", too, before I became enlightened. Yes, you can roll them down the stairs. Everyone in the hotel will hear you and, if you don't have the wheels exactly parallel to the steps, the suitcase will quickly flip over onto its back and sometimes even take flight down the stairs on its own! (Not too healthy for anyone else who may be on the stairs or any fragile items you may have packed!)
    Owner of TriStar (aubergine/steel), Founders Briefcase (navy/steel), Aeronaut (crimson/steel), Absolute Strap, Co-Pilot (steel/solar), Medium Cafe Bag (steel/sapphire), Imago (navy/cork/wasabi),Horizontal Freudian Slip, Snake Charmer (steel), Wallet (olive), Side Effect (olive), asst pouches and cubes.


      I can not wait for the video comparison as well I am consideirng the areonaut for my partner.