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In the Brain Bag - I can run a Business

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    In the Brain Bag - I can run a Business

    I have had my Brain Bag and I run a business out of it.

    Here is a list of what i carry:

    15 inch Mac Book Pro
    Canon i100 Printer
    ISCAN Scanner
    Hartman Portfolio
    Router (Works on cell service)
    AT&T Cell Dongle
    Wireless Apple Mouse
    Auto Inverter
    USB hub
    Spare Laptop Battery
    Freudian Sip full of stuff
    32 GB Ipod Touch for Music and Movies
    Canon 15MP Power Shot SD990 IS
    Leatherman (full size)
    3 Key chain Leatherman tools (Different tools)
    2 Memory keys
    Oversize wallet with travel cards
    Writing Pencil
    Drafting Pencil
    Fountain Pen
    Ball Point Pen
    Auto GPS
    Printer USB Cable
    Ethernet Cable
    iPod/iPhone video adapter for Hotel
    AC Power Adapters for everything
    Aspirin and other dope
    Business Cards
    Laptop light
    Paperback book
    Reading glasses
    TB Flashlight (ordered)

    My wife added some lint lives in the bag too!! :-)

    In my pockets I carry a very sharp knife, iPhone, chap stick, car keys, cash, 2 ID's, and a couple of credit cards. All of this will fit in the bag.

    Obviously, when I fly the edged tools stay at home.

    Now, some may call bull on all this it all does fit. Brain Bag weighs about 20-25 pounds loaded. I am a large man and it is comfortable (I was amazed).

    Including software, the bag is worth about $15,000 loaded up.

    Here is the great thing, I can do just about anything anywhere.

    I can run my accounting package, measure components, work on drawings, review documents, order parts, watch movies or the Slingbox, listen to music, video conference with my office, my, engineering staff, and my grown kids and wife. I can do it all, most anywhere in the world.

    I will try to take some pictures later.
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    Post some pictures!
    Owner of: Brain Bag backpack (Black), Field Journal Notebook (Blue), Snake Charmer (Small, Orange), Super Ego briefcase (Black / Indigo / Steel) with Reflective Strip, Brain Cell (Steel), Horizontal Freudian Slip, various Organizer Pouches and Key Straps, and a Side Effect (Black / Wassabi) worn as a belt-style hip-pack.


      hello why1504,

      welcome to the forum! and thank you for sharing how you use your brain bag!

      it is indeed amazing all that a brain bag can hold. we would love to see some pictures of your mobile office!


        Couple of notes:

        Because of what I do, cost is not a big issue. These types of tools save me money and time. I am an early adapter. I have lived on the bleeding edge, Tom Bihn and Apple have reduced my blood loss. As a old Windows/Blackberry user, Mac has saved me in time money and mostly frustration. Tom had given me a deployment strategy I only dreamed I could accomplish.

        When I bought the bag, I did not expect to be where I am. I had previously had a Swiss Army Bag that was ok. It was not comfortable, (as are most computer backpacks) and did not balance well on one shoulder. It held about 60% of the Brain Bag, at about 1800 CI of volume (as I recall).

        When I bought the Brain Bag, my expectations were not anywhere near this. I hoped it would carry the current load with less discomfort.

        As a young man I backpacked all over the south. This is the most comfortable non hardcore backpack I have ever carried.

        I have ordered a Aeronaut and lots of little bags. I have lots of travel planned during the rest of the year. Some flying, mostly driving. I can only hope this will work as well as the Tumi I started to order. After all the little bags, the cost was about the same. (Yep I went overboard)

        I avoid flying, I hate what we have done to air travel. TSA is a disaster and a joke.

        In the last 8 weeks I have made 6 trips and travel approximately 100 mile a day visiting suppliers. I work at home quite a bit. I don't go to the office just to go.

        One last thing, Tom and I agree on, promoting our local economy. I build local so does he. If he can get what he needs locally, he gets it. Tom could go to South Korea and get a bag with 85% of the quality at a substantially lower cost. I buy American and unless I have no choice, I don't buy anything offshore. I like buying from people that promote where they live.
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          The Brain Bag is amazing. It can hold enough stuff to be uncomfortable - the bag will last, you might not. My BB is 9 years old, and of those 9 years, I've used it about 80% of the time back and forth to work, as well as some travel. Not a popped stitch, busted zipper, etc. I bought the black one so that I don't embarrass myself with garish colours that most of the cheap backpacks come in.