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you know you're a loyal tom bihn customer when...

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    Originally posted by holoholo View Post
    You know you're loyal when.... everything goes wrong with your order, and you're still thinking of ordering more stuff! It's real easy to be happy when everything goes smoothly, but this last order of mine was quite an adventure in itself. It started with an order for a Co-pilot for Christmas, using a gift certificate that never came, and ended up as a 11" MBA Ristretto that I received today. All's well that ends well though, I wanted this bag to begin with, they just didn't have it at the time, so its all good! Still thinking of getting the Co-pilot.

    Only sad thing is not a FOT yet.
    The Co-Pilot is my first Tom Bihn bag...and me too already looking for more. Actually, my wish list had more on it before I placed my first order. I just need to save up the pennies!

    The Co-Pilot is great! I already look forward to the "Pilot"...and the longer key straps, and a Tri-Star, and... the list goes on!
    "Buy the best, cry once" - Pasquale


      Yes I can relate. I should be good for the time being... its just that I really like the idea of a center water bottle compartment.

      I can't believe I'm writing about a water bottle compartment... I may need professional help.


        Professional help? I suspect we could all claim such, although we know can always rely on Tom, Darcy and the crew for professional help with all the products!;)
        "Buy the best, cry once" - Pasquale


          You know you're a loyal tom bihn customer when ...
          • You order a TB product just to see and touch it in person, knowing that you can just return it (paying S&H, of course), but never actually returning it!
          • You tell your computer to learn the spelling of "bihn"


            You buy presents for others months before you intend to give them (Christmas shopping in July?) so you don't have to worry aboutTB running out or changing colors.

            You ask for box art.


              ...when you see an article online touting a list of made-in-USA products that doesn't include Tom Bihn, and you post a snarky comment in the comments section chiding the reporter for forgetting to include Tom Bihn.