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you know you're a loyal tom bihn customer when...

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  • Buzzard
    You fall asleep (almost) every night thinking about how you're going to pack that TB bag you already have or the one you're going to get next. Truly sick.

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  • keb
    You start to plan your trips based on which TB bags you can use....

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  • falconea
    You don't need colour swatches - you already own a bag in every colour!


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  • backpack
    Fantastic Idea Maverick!

    I was glad to see that you have or had a Monolith and a Freudian Slip as well. :)

    You know that your are a loyal Tom Bihn customer when

    Every time I see TB bags pictures posted by other customers/fans, I check which ones we have or don't have in common.

    I also check the list of goodies owned by other forum members, many list them as their post "tag".

    I can't help signing the praises of Tom Bihn bags anywhere I can find willing ears or eyes.

    In addition to coordinate clothing with my Tom Bihn bags, I also coordinate the colors of my yarns with my Swifts.

    Tom Bihn aquisitions are always planned into the budget and I will curtail hobbies' expenses to fit Tom Bihn purchases.

    Planning an order or multiple orders is always a precise operation that starts with the Wish List, gathering of relevant info and filling of the Basket.

    There is one browser page opened with all kind of Tom Bihn pages.
    Forum for "the lastest on x TB product"
    Blog for the most recent pictures of new goodies
    Twitter for a possible scoop
    Facebook just because I might have missed something.

    You ask the significant other to "pass me my Tom Bihn" and he replies "which one?"

    One of the order consisted of the very same bag you already own but in a different color and and assortment of matching pouches were added for good measure.

    One of your dream trip is Seattle on Tom Bihn open house day.

    And you don't know if you can resist buying the whole store or close to it. And rant, once more, about luggage restrictions.

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  • Just
    6. When a new bag is announced, but not all the color combinations have pictures, it's okay because you can already picture what it'll look like in your head based on the other TB products you own!

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  • maverick
    started a topic you know you're a loyal tom bihn customer when...

    you know you're a loyal tom bihn customer when...

    i was reading backpack's post about "Vertical Brain Cell for Netbooks" where backpack mentions having the tom bihn products that are ancestors to current tom bihn products, and i thought to myself -

    you know you're a loyal tom bihn customer when...

    1. you can say you have (had) a tom bihn product that is an ancestor to a current tom bihn product!

    2. the tom bihn bag that you've had forever looks and works great and isn't in any way worn, but you still want to get the new bag that tom has just designed because it is just so cool and you know that it is as well made and functions as well as the one you already have!

    3. you buy your best friends tom bihn bags for their birthday / christmas / just for the fun of it!

    4. when you eat sushi, you see the wasabi and immediately think of your tom bihn bag that has wasabi 500d cordura!

    5. you think about what color your tom bihn bags are when you shop for an item of clothing!

    i was hoping you guys can help me to keep growing this list...
    Last edited by maverick; 09-13-2009, 03:15 PM.