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Thanks Tom Bihn! I love my bags!!

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    Thanks Tom Bihn! I love my bags!!

    Wow! 24 hour delivery, now that's service! OK, I live in Seattle but still didn't expect my new order to arrive quite so soon :)

    I just got my Side Effect in Plum and I love it, I can put everything I need for a walk and then some inside. Also, I ordered the Ultrasuede Shoulder Strap Wrap for my small Cafe Bag and it's really nice. No more sliding around on my rain jacket. And of course, had to get another mini clear Organizer Wallet because I love accessories. (Did I mention the mini is perfect for our metro Orca card?)

    I already have an older Buzz Bag, Small Cafe Bag, Knitting Tote in cork (even though I don't knit), and various small accessories. I use my Knitting Bag for needlepoint and its accompanying paraphernalia.

    All these bags are great; I use them all the time and for everything. Thanks again!!


    Wihlemina, could you post pictures?

    I too use my Swift(s), yup with an s, hem... denying any addiction whatsoever, to store my needlework yarn(s), supplie(s) and related books.

    To my defense, I am storing almost 2 decades of work and supplies in my Swifts and a Grape Lux (the ancestor of the Swift).

    I also use my Sapphire/Steel or Plum/Steel as an extra car/bus/train travel bag or at libraries or used book stores.


      Reading both of your posts, I'm wondering if the Swift would be a good bag for my felt replicas. I use a lot of the same needlework supplies, could put felt in a large organizer sack and the empty compartment would be perfect for batting an sponge foam.

      I would love to see a Tom Bihn needle/scissors caddy. It'd be the size of a mini organizer pouch with the same clear front. The device would be held close by a snap. Unsnap it and flip back the cover and there's a piece of ultrasuede where you can secure pins and needles. Flip that ultrasuede back and you'll reveal the back of the case, made with cordura, and fitted with a pouch that could hold a 3-inch pair of scissors. You could secure it to an O-ring in the Swift and have a really convenient way to transport needles, pins and scissors.
      Proud owner of a conifer/steel Synapse, indigo/black Swift, a couple of yarn stuff sacks, a clear organizer wallet and various organizer pouches


        "Wihlemina, could you post pictures?"

        I certainly could...I'll take some and post them in a couple of days. As you know already, Swifts (I may have to pluralize my Swift soon!) hold a mountain of stuff. I just love the look of them.


          Hiya :) I think a Swift would be great to hold your felting things. I'd really like to learn to felt, too, but far too many needlepoint projects await. Your suggestion about a needle case is exactly what I was thinking! I got a mini Organizer Pouch to try and organize needles in, but since needlepoint needles have a blunt point the ultrasuede is too tough to use. And anyway, the dividers don't come out. Maybe something that zips and has the removable material would work? And it would have to come in lots of lovely colors :)


            Hi Backpack...here are my pics of the Cork Swift

            I'm new at this picture posting thing so let's see if I got it right...hmmmmmm

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              oh darn, I'm embarrassed

              Back to the drawing board and try again...


                Great photograph, wihlemina!
                Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

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                  Originally posted by wihlemina View Post
                  Back to the drawing board and try again...
                  hi wihlemina,

                  you can do this using the [ IMG ] tag (without the spaces), followed by the URL of the image, followed by the [ /IMG ] tag (again, without the spaces).

                  i've corrected it in your post.


                    Thanks Darcy :) Hi Maverick, I thought it didn't post correctly...sheesh! Here's the other side:

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                      I'm going home now...


                        Thank you Maverick!


                          What I was trying to show is this...the lovely thing about the Cork Swift is that both sides are cork and it's gorgeous to show off. I use Clear Organizer Pouches to stash little things, and the yarn bag to hold the wool. The wood frame here is the smallest size, obviously the larger frame sizes would be carried separately. But the nifty bit is that everything I need for needlepoint is in there and ready to go whether I'm at home or going out. I love this bag!!!


                            wihlemina, that second picture is fabulous.

                            For a needle holder, get a knitter friend to work a fine-gauge swatch.


                              Thank you gmanedit :) And that's a great idea about a needle holder, too.