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Western Flyer in Ballina, NSW, AU

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    Western Flyer in Ballina, NSW, AU

    Another trip, another post. Can you tell I love my Western Flyer?!

    I've just done my first trip as a (part time) grad student to attend a research conference. It was in Ballina, a beautiful river / beach side town in northern New South Wales. The trip was only 2 nights, so my packing list was light:

    Western FLyer large packing cube:
    - 2 pairs of black pants (wore 1 on the plane)
    - 2 long sleeve wool shirts (worn on the plane)
    - 2 good shirts (one for presenting, one for the conference dinner)
    - 1 merino wool tee + cotton shorts (for sleeping)
    - 3 pr socks + underwear (1 set worn on the plane)

    - Small toiletries in a 3-1-1 bag
    - Silk sleeping bag liner (just in case - I was staying at the youth hostel)
    - Black boots (worn on the plane)
    - Pink/red scarf (worn on plane)
    - Lightweight laptop + charger
    - Small A4 document sleeve with papers
    - Pencil case
    - Small handbag (wallet, keys, hand wipes, notebook, pen)
    - Small camera
    - Small bag of dried fruit & nuts for snacking

    The Western Flyer is a fantastic travel bag! It's easy to carry on planes, buses & trains, a breeze to take through airport security and looks great to boot. Love it!
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    Originally posted by notmensa View Post
    Another trip, another post. Can you tell I love my Western Flyer?
    I think that's safe to say! Well done on the packing!


      I love how your outfit appears to be color-coordinated with the Western Flyer. ;)
      Proud owner of a conifer/steel Synapse, indigo/black Swift, a couple of yarn stuff sacks, a clear organizer wallet and various organizer pouches


        May I ask how tall you are? I am planning to get the WF or Tristar and I'm 5 foot.
        Olive/Wasabi SCB, Steel/Olive MCB, Blk/Blk/Wasabi Imago w/ Absolute Strap, Blk/Steel/Wasabi ID, Small Padded Pouch, Wallet in Olive, Mini Cork Organizer Pouch


          I'm just shy of 5 foot 1, and I own both the Western Flyer and the Tristar. Both are good bags for me--as opposed to the Aeronaut and Brain Bag, which didn't fit me as well.

          Torso length is probably as important as overall height, though. (And weight makes a difference, too--the Tristar is a tad heavier and can be packed with more stuff, so it can get heavy if you don't watch it.) I'd order both and see which one seems most comfortable.

          Of course, you do risk falling in love with both and keeping each of them!
          Western Flyer (crimsom) with Absolute strap, Zephyr (black), Medium Cafe Bag (steel/olive), Shop Bags (solar, steel), Large Cafe bag (navy/cayenne), Small café bag (forest), Tristars (steel/solar and indigo/solar),Aeronaut (steel), Side Effects (old skool black cordura, olive parapack), Imagos (steel, cork, wasabi, and aubergine, hemp, steel), Dyneema Western Flyer (Nordic/Steel) and miscellaneous packing cubes, pouches, etc.


            I'm 165 cm, or 5'5".


              I've never really considered the Western Flyer, but I love my Aeronaut for longer trips, so I'm not sure why. Seems great for one- or two-night stays, and I do lots of those. Thanks for putting it back on my radar, notmensa.