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    Classic Tom Bihn

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum here, and actually just discovered the website this past weekend. I didn't know Tom was still making gear. I checked out the website and forum, front to back, so I could catch up. I ended up ordering a Synapse and Side Effect. American made gear is getting harder to find nowdays, and I like to support the manufacturers that refuse to go offshore.

    I thought some of you might be interested in seeing an old school Tom Bihn product. I bought this over 20 years ago from Tom when he was still down here in Santa Cruz. It is an early version of the Side Effect. I'm not sure what it was called back then. It's seen a lot of hard use, but is still going strong.

    Here's an interior shot.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	TB1.JPG
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    A close up of the old label.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	TB2.JPG
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    From the rear.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	TB3.JPG
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    A side shot showing recess for the zipper slider.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	TB4.JPG
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    From the front showing the hidden zipper sliders.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	TB5.JPG
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ID:	308429

    Hope you enjoyed the pics. Oops, sorry for the large photos, as I wasn't sure how to downsize them.


    Welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing your pics. I hope you enjoy your new bags just as much as you have enjoyed this one!


      hi terk,


      those are awesome pictures - thank you for sharing!

      while i love the way the bag shows how it's been loved, i think you could get away with soaking it in water with a couple of drops of a very mild natural dish soap.

      darcy, can you confirm that this approach for cleaning bags from 20 years ago should be okay?

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        That's a pretty neat piece of history, and cool to see!

        Thanks for sharing!
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          That is indeed a very well-loved bag! The "classic" bags seem to have a lot of the slanted zipper action. I like the reflective strip as well.

          What does the interior tag say between "U.S.A." and "Earth?"


            Nice....really nice. And if TB or Darcy are reading this: the waist strap on this seems a lot wider than what you currently have...this seems more like 2inches wide which I think is a lot better...more comfortable; and will not cut into tummies! just my two cents.


              Thanks to you all for the welcome. I know I should probably wash the bag, but it does have character in it's current state LOL. I can't make out what the interior tag says between U.S.A. and Earth, and for the life of me, I can't remember either. Tom should be able to answer that one.

              The waistbelt on my "classic" uses 1 1/2" webbing and SR buckle. The Cordura wrap part of the belt is 3" tall at the side seam, and 5 1/4" long out to the webbing. The waistbelt on the Side Effect uses 1" webbing and SR buckle. The Cordura wrap part of it's belt is 2 1/2" tall at the side seam, and 3 3/4" long out to the webbing. There is a bit more support with my "classic", but it is all relative, because my "classic" is a little larger than the Side Effect. I think the Side Effect waistbelt is just fine for the size of the bag. I would like to see a larger version of the Side Effect offered, with a padded back like on my "classic", and a zippered pocket like on the Side Effect, but on the front of the bag. A guy can always wish, right?



                Great pictures, Terk.

                I bet the missing item is 'North America', or 'Western Hemisphere', or 'The Americas.'

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                  That bag looks like it has been everywhere a million times. I didn't know Tom was making bags 20 years ago. Very interesting. Thank you.