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the tom bihn aeronaut, western flyer and synapse go to disney world

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    and we took some time again to meet some characters...
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      we spent a quiet morning at the hotel before heading to the airport this afternoon. the flight left about an hour late because of heavy air traffic between florida and new york, but it all worked out very well.

      we had checked in at the hotel, and there were just a few people in front of us in the security line.

      anyhow, i got a few last pictures at the hotel that i wanted to share...

      we stayed at the dolphin hotel in walt disney world. the property had nice amenities - there were some nice pools with water falls, a lake with a beach to play on, and paddle boats. i wish we had more time to relax at the hotel, actually. i liked dining at fresh for breakfast one morning where they had some wonderful fresh juice extracts. but i found the rooms very basic and small.
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        oh, if anyone was curious, i'd like to report that it is possible for one person to carry all of these bags at once:
        • the western flyer, worn as a backpack,
        • the aeronaut, worn with the absolute shoulder strap, and the packing cube backpack on one shoulder,
        • the synapse on the other shoulder.

        i'm not sure how much weight i was carrying, but i made my way from our room down to the lobby carrying all of this. i then made my way from the airport shuttle to the security line carrying all of this.

        i really wish i had gotten a picture of this...


          Originally posted by backpack View Post
          Jaden is a most photogenic person!

          The bags' pictures showing the content, scale of different bags in the sizing
          unit and in the overhead bin are extremely informative.

          It seems that you were carrying the Western Flyer as a backpack, the Aeronaute on the shoulder and also the Synapse.
          How did you manage to do that?

          I especially appreciate those wonderful pictures especially while you are traveling with your family. :)

          Good for Jaden to make friends with the pilots and get another set of wings. :)

          In most hotel rooms the safe is set up that way unless it is a budget chain.
          They have undersized rectangular safe unsuitable to house even a Small Cafe Bag.
          On the other end of the spectrum, flagship hotels, the ones the president and movie
          stars use, most probably have full sized safes in the suites
          hi backpack,

          the trip started out with me carrying the synapse and aeronaut with the absolute shoulder strap, and my wife carrying the western flyer as a backpack. when we landed in orlando, i was carrying the western flyer as a backpack and the aeronaut with the absolute shoulder strap. when we headed back, i was carrying the western flyer as a backpack, the aeronaut with the absolute shoulder strap on one shoulder, and the synapse on the other shoulder. my wife carried the packing cube backpack as a backpack. for a while in between, i was carrying the packing cube backpack also on the shoulder that had the aeronaut.

          the hotel safes i've used with a horizontal orientation feel like they will hold more, but at one point, we were able to leave the macbook in the cache, the panasonic gf1 camera in the em2, and my wife's wallet all in the safe.


            I love the picture with the duck (his name escapes me..donald? daffy? not sure). That is christmas card worthy for sure!
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              Originally posted by Katy View Post
              I love the picture with the duck (his name escapes me..donald? daffy? not sure). That is christmas card worthy for sure!
              That's Donald Duck in costume as Ranger-In-Training Duck, from The Ranger Of Brownstone series. :D
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                Best Time Of Year

                As a Florida native, this is the best time of the year to visit.
                Not too hot and not too cold.

                Of course, "cold to me" is anything below 70. Too hot is above 95.

                Great photos and journal!!!!
                Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


                  Great pictures!

                  You are a very strong man, Maverick!

                  I certainly couldn't carry 4 bags at once but your experience has given me confidence that the Packing Cube Backpack and Synapse can be worn with another bigger backpack, using the one shoulder method.
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