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versatility of the empire

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    versatility of the empire

    like many of you, once I decide I need a certain type of product, I obsess over it, spending way too much time on the Internet researching and reading reviews. at any rate, i stumbled onto this website early last week and haven't been the same since (mostly due to the loss of sleep incurred by trying to read every post on the board)

    I really like what I've seen so far of the EB and have pretty much decided on the EB/BC combo. I'm currently a Business/IT student with a couple internships (one at H-D, the other at NMFN) so the EB seems to be a good fit for the corporate environment. But next year I have the opportunity to study in Germany as part of an exchange program and plan to do a fair amount of travel while there. Does anyone have experience using the EB to get away for a weekend or spend a few days on the road rather than the typical back and forth from work? I know someone mentioned onebag.com and I found it rather informative. Could the EB fill my needs here as well?

    Oh, and I am very much looking forward to the protection of a Brain Cell as my current targus standard issue backpack has been unable to stop the 5 hard drives, 1 motherboard and 1 monitor replacements I've gone through in the last two years (and I baby this thing being an IT guy and all...good thing my school has a laptop program and all the work is done on-campus and under warranty)

    wow, a long first post, hope i don't scare anybody away. thanks in advance for any replies, this board is amazing and seeing the replies by the TB crew has already sold me on their customer service, every product needs a company like TB

    I can't speak towards using the EB as a weekender - but the two I own have certainly already protected my precious Powerbooks from unseemly damage. For the price, nothing can touch the EB - for twice the price nothing can touch the EB.

    Just as an experiment, I pulled all of my computer goodies out of one and threw my dobb kit and some clothes in. It would apparently work out well as a weekend bag (but I'd be really depressed if the dirty clothes on the return trip left a lingering scent on my precious Powerbook later).
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      thanks much for the time and effort jehingr. that's exactly what i was hoping to hear. although you do bring up a good point about any lingering smells.... lots of plastic baggies.

      at any rate, thanks again for the info.

      now, if i could only pick a color scheme....