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Synapse - Love it!

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  • mep
    Well, I have a different story on the Synapse. I love the look and my wife bought one for my birthday but I find it too small. I really wanted to love and use this bag but alas, it is going to be sent back to the factory.

    I use an Ego for my daily bag and have found it to be perfect for carrying all my stuff and having room to cram more into it. I also have a large Cafe bag and it works short excursions where I don't have to take everything.

    Oh well, I guess this is why they make different bags and sizes. But I really like the looks of the Synapse.

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  • dorayme
    I received today a Plum new to me Synapse and let me just say that so far, all of my TB bags are winners! I got this to be a cycling and hiking day pack, not as my daily purse or knitting bag, though I love how TB bags are useful in so many different applications and were my needs different, I could see this working as a daily bag.
    The Solar Dyneema lining was a pleasant surprise. The fabric imho, like the cork and Steel Dyneema are so much more alive in person than they appeared on my screen.
    I look forward to opportunities to carry and use this bag. It's a perfect size for my 5'2" frame. The organizational pockets on the front section will help to tame the clutter and keep me from packing the proverbial kitchen sink. The sizing is ample enough for essentials and then a few surprises.
    It's funny, the opposite of what should be true is happening, you would think that with each bag I would find Nirvana and be content, but instead, I keep returning to the website and seeking out which one should be next.

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  • bsag
    Love mine too...

    Long time lurker, first time poster (and purchaser)!

    I've been hanging about this site and the forums for a while, drooling, it would be fair to say, over all the lovely bags. After thinking about it for ages, I finally took the plunge and ordered a Synapse (in Indigo/Solar) and I'm mad about it.

    I wrote a fairly lengthy review here for those interested:

    The TARDIS bag

    I also posted a few pictures on Flickr:

    Like jangle, I find that I can a pile of stuff in it, and it still seems to have room for more.

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  • jangle
    started a topic Synapse - Love it!

    Synapse - Love it!

    This is a fabulous bag. I use it all the time - as my regular day bag and when traveling. I've been traveling alot since September and was thrilled to get my Synapse! My first impression was that it was small.

    I've used this bag daily since early November. It is comfortable and takes whatever I throw at or in it. I love it! The only "problem" I have is when traveling, I've been using it as my personal bag. I use a Tri-Star or Aeronaut in backpack mode for carry on. I've been carrying the Synapse over one shoulder like a messenger bag with one shoulder strap long and the other tucked up/ clipped. It works pretty well but I think a true messenger bag would be more comfortable. It's perfect once I get to my destination.

    I've also used it for a couple of day hikes in New Mexico and it was very comfortable. I just pulled out the computer and papers, then put in an extra water bottle.

    I've added a picture. I apologize for the quality. I'm not a photographer and this was using my phone! Here's The Synapse at the Volcanoes near Albuquerque, NM. The water bottle is sticking out but the pocket would zip without any difficulty. I just had a drink.

    This is basic configuration with additional stuff added or switched around depending on what I was doing.

    -macbook pro 13 inch new unibody in waterfield vertical sleevecase
    - a few folders with work papers
    - a magazine or two
    -Canon - flash video cam F100 in semi hard case (ems glasses case)
    -Original kindle in standard amazon case in pocket
    - 2 smallish guidebooks
    - hat, gloves, ultralight rain/wind anorack, occasionally a fleece vest......
    - leather dog leash in top of compartment
    -small first aid kit

    - small hairbrush
    - eagle creek quarter packit cube with cables, apple power adapters, monster mini 4 plug power strip......
    also the macbook pro power adapter in separate felt bag
    - cotton net bag for shopping etc.

    - 2 pens, 1 telescoping touch stick (dog trainer) in pen slots
    - 1or 2 mini size molskine books
    - 1 TB clear organizer wallet clipped on to ring
    - 1 clicker in bottom of pocket and small amount of treats

    - several packets of lens wipes and handi wipe type things
    - noise canceling earbuds in case with a couple of flash cards and adapters thrown in - clipped onto ring
    - mifi hotspot with usb cable in small rigid "camera case" clipped onto ring
    - kensington iphone extra battery

    - bluetooth ear piece
    - iphone
    -lip balm
    -general quick grab stuff

    - sometimes bottle of water
    - sometimes wallet
    - whatever i needed to stuff in and grab quickly
    - change floating around in the bottom - mostly quarters
    - snack bars or nuts

    This plus whatever extra stuff I need to stuff in and carry. This all feels pretty heavy until it's on my back where it rides comfortably even when hiking. As you can see it's a mix of things for work, travel etc.
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